Easy Money

Is there such a thing?  When you 1st starting out don’t count on it!  Even once you know what your doing I wouldn’t count on it.  As a mater of fact earning that 1st dollar might be the hardest thing you do but once you do it it does become easier.  Many site will tell you that you can be making money in a matter of days as a matter fact buckets of money.  DON’T BELIVE IT.  If that were true then everyone would be doing it.

Now once you figure out your plan and do it you might find that there are easier ways to make money then others.  You might find that certian methods you can repeat over and over again.  That what I would call easy money but getting to that point.  Trying to  figure out what works for you and your site that the hard part.

What you want to figure out and accomplish is finding a way that your site can make money.   It is important to document your success and failures so you can determine what works what doesn’t.  Where you should spend your time and money.  What should be your focus.  Tweak that so you can get the most out of it and that move on.

Remember there is such a thing as easy money but it comes after a lot of hard work, focus and dedication.

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