Advice on Keeping Passwords Straight

Need help keeping all you accounts straight?

One thing you will find is that running an online business you will have many account to manage. The best and safest way to do it is with a Password Vault. I know I have at lest 10 accounts related to my website and making money. Then I have at least 5-10 more that are personal. I try to keep passwords and user names the same but that is an impossible task.

You can keep them on a file on your PC but that not the safest thing to do! I been working in IT security for years and you only putting yourself at risk by doing this.

I suggest you get this today it free and works and simple to use. Click here to learn more about Keepass Stop wasting your time trying to remember password and hunting for e-mails with it and password. Make it a habit to every time you get a new account and password to record it in you Password Vault. This will save you time in the long run and you will find that those that are successful know how to save and manage there time.

Please take listen to me you will be glad you did. Accounts add up quick. You can have 20-30 accounts in no time I think I have added 15 to varies systems this year and I would be able to keep them straight without a system and best of all this one is safe, secure and free.

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