Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Today I wanted to talk about about myself, this site, my online Business and what is going on.

For the few that are following, or those that stumble across this site you might notice that I have been doing some changes to the basic format and layout of the site.  I sat down and did a review of my site and came up with a list of things felt I needed to change.  In order for my Business to grow.  I realized as I look at my Business model this site is really the Hub so I need to spend some time making sure I have a strong foundation to build around.

You can learn more about this process in the the short Video below which outlines my vision and plans for the site along with my goal for every viewer.

I highly recommend you view this and try the exercise yourself if you too also have a newer site and your not getting the results you want.

My Site Revew


Do me a favor and if you do view this I encourage you to take action and comment and or tweet it as I need some help getting the word out about my site.  I recently made these task easier for anyone do to try it out it will not only help me but also give you some exposure.  A WIN-WIN activity

I am also recently had my first real contact with a Internet Marketing Pro, Coach and  mentor Bill Crosby and that whole experience and exercise really was great and got my mind going so I am also changing tweaking my focus a little bit based on some of his thoughts and comments.


I will be posting more an that exerice later as I have over 4-5  Pages of notes from a 45 minute call plus a 2 page e-mail full of good stuff I sent prior to Bill Prior to the call.

Lastly in looking at the title of the post I guess I should explain where that come from so it makes sense.  So from now any action I take must have more then one purpose. I working on Becoming Super Productive with Hyper Focus.

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