5 Keys to Success for Your Online Business

What are the 5 Keys to Success?


  • Passion  Key
  • Determination
  • Planning and Time Management
  • Execution
  • Hard Work

Blog about something you love or have some kind of passion about.  If you don’t enjoy talking about it or thinking about don’t do it.  Your blog with be your life for quite some time especially when starting out.

Those that are determined have a way better chance of success that those that don’t care.  This ones to me is a no brainer but I think some people out there think everything is easy and don’t quite understand this one. 

I have been an IT guy for some time.  I have worked on many projects and I will tell you one thing.  The Projects that suceeded and went the best had a plan.  Without a plan you will waste time.  Plan’s help keep you focused and on track.  You don’t need a greatly detailed plan to blog but it is importing to list out things where you need get done and where what you focus should be.  This helps keep you on track there a lot of little things going on with your site.  Content, Sales, Newsletters, Auto Responders, Traffic, E-Mail, Reading other blogs, checking your comment leaving comments on other sites.  The list is pretty endless but you need to make sure you got all the things covered or it doesn’t work.  You need to figure out how to fit it all in.  From time to time you need to shift your focus and figure out how to get some of those areas on auto pilot but that doesn’t come day one.

Execution is actually doing the work.  How many people actually know what the need to do but never do it.  You must execute!  You must learn to be efficient with your execution.  Take Action!

Hard work, everyone tries to tell you their system is easy.  Lets face it things might become easier over time as they become routine or as you learn them.  But without Hard Word in the beginning you get no where.  Look at it this way, take for example sports.  A small percentage of people make it to play at the college level and then a smaller percentage get to play in the Pro’s.  What do you think is the difference.  With sports you do need a little talent but if you lazy and don’t work hard at it you will not make it. 

The harder you work the more you develop your talent.  With your online business the same holds true.  Everyone can get in the game but the percentages of those that succeed are small.  You need to put in the time and hard work to get to the next level.   You need to bring your A-game.  You need to practice and develop the skill that are required to be a Professional.

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11 Responses to “5 Keys to Success for Your Online Business”

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better! All of these 5 are very key to becoming successful online. I’m sure if some of the top bloggers out there saw this, they’d too agree and vouch for the for the fact that they are very important.

  2. Doug Dillard says:

    Great post. Definitely agree with all your points. The main problem most people have is with “Hard Work” part. They might start off working hard, but if they do not see some sort instant success… many will just give up.

  3. Jared Little says:

    @Doug Dillard

    Yes I hear you on that one. I am not sure what people think that the can launch a 100k internet business in one week. I have been at it for 3 months and I am just getting by. Fighting for survival but I am in it for the long run and it is fun and something new so I enjoy what I am learning.

  4. Interesting!

    Doing business is not a rocket science, but maintaining business profitability is an important factor in any business. I will maintain my business profitability with online business and search engine optimization a supplement to it.

  5. I agree with your points as well. Great stole my words 😛

    I seen many bloggers start a blog, only to adandon it within a week or so. Why? Because they didn’t make a million dollars in a week!
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