Best Free Way to Learn Internet Marketing

Getting Started in Internet Marketing for Free

If your just starting out the best advice I can give you is to not spend a dime on Internet Marketing at least when starting out.

Seriously if you don’t have a clue where to start do not start with a guru program.  Most Guru’s offer free training and videos. I would start with some of their ethical bribes you know the free stuff they give you in exchange for your e-mail address.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the best of the best Internet Marketing Guru’s mailing list and blogs.  Make sure you setup a e-mail rule and just filter all the mails to a Guru folder.  You will get a lot but you can learn a lot from these mails.  See how they market and use their list.  You can learn a lot from these guys.  Some only sell others connect.  You can study how they do a product launch but remember don’t buy just study.

Which Guru’s should you follow most teach or focus on a niche within internet marketing.  Blogging, list building, affiliate Marketing, traffic, SEO, JV’s, Social Media, Membership Sites the list is endless find one that is offering free training about what you are trying to learn.  Take the free advice and then give it a try.  Start with Frank Kern he is one of the best and my favorite.

Begin Building your Web Presence for Free

If you don’t have a website yet or even if you do.  I suggest you give a try.   Squidoo might be the best free way to learn internet marketing.  I heard about this about a month ago and just signed up for an account and starting using it.  So far I think this might be one of the best places you can start for free to learn about the basic’s of Internet Marketing.

Here are my 1st 3 lens I did in very little time.  I plan to expand on these and build some more. I hope to share a detailed case study over the next month of my results.  These are a little off topic but wanted to test and try some different niche’s.

So far I can tell you that it is easy to use, each of these took less then an hour to setup.  They have build in affiliate marketing with Amazon, eBay and some other sites.  They guide you and give you advice on the health of you lens.  So you know where you need to work, to help the health of your lens.  The tips teach you things like seo, titles, content, back links and more.  Pretty cool it almost like it grades you and gives you advice similar to what you should be doing for your blog if you have one.

Now remember I am not saying that your going to make instant cash or any.  You will learn a lot quickly, you can setup a lens and see if you can get traffic and this is free.  Squidoo uses web 2.0 so it is very easy to plug in blog feeds, youTube and many other sites.  You can even pull in your bookmarks based on keyword.  Then you decide if you want to make more out of it elsewhere or build on it more.

It seems that there are some that do make some nice extra cash doing this but from what I read it takes time but doesn’t everything.  If you want a place to play with an idea or see what is involved this is a very good place to start and lots of free help.

Give it a try today!  Great learning experience! Good place to start and it is Free!

P.S.  Please comment and share you lens with me if you have any.

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9 Responses to “Best Free Way to Learn Internet Marketing”

  1. Doug Dillard says:

    Very good post. I agree when you first start out there is no need to spend a lot of money. Learning as much as you can from others is the best way to start, but you should jump in as soon as you can and get a site up so you can get your feet wet. I have never used Squidoo Lenses myself (yet), but I hear they work great and they are free.

  2. […] I suggest you give http://www. squidoo .com/ a try. Squidoo might be the best free way to learn internet marketing. I heard about this about a month ago and just signed up for an account and starting using it. So far I think this might be …Next Page […]

  3. Jared says:

    @Doug Dillard
    Thanks Doug,

    Yes your ownsite is the way to go, I was just impressed with squidoo for learning. One cause it is free, and two it guides you along as far as what you need to do next, backlinks, change you title add more content etc. Very helpful to someone without a site that wants to try this whole thing out.


  4. Greg Ellison says:

    I think it is the perfect way to make extra money. It is not going to make you rich but it will give you gas money. It is free which is perfect. I think everyone should do it. Greg Ellison

  5. @Greg Ellison
    I agree — likely won’t make you rich, but can make you some extra money (for most people). On the other hand, if you’re a really hard worker, know what you’re doing, and stick with it, who knows, maybe you’ll hit the big bucks.

    I’ve tried Squidoo out — pretty good way to get some traffic + money.
    The Gooroo @ Finance Advisory Stop´s last blog ..My Alexa Ranking — I Feel Like A Hypocrite My ComLuv Profile

  6. Make a wordpress page as well and make sure to go and secure your brand name on all the social networks to help create your own personal brand.
    George@SEO Lair Blog´s last blog ..SEO vs PPC: 10 Reasons SEO Is Better Than PPC My ComLuv Profile

  7. ashmax scam says:

    im so confused i want to get this page downloaded inside g1 that way i can show my cousin, but i cant figure out how.. could any 1 explain to me how please??

  8. astermeds says:

    Thanks for sharing the blog about internet marketing because its really helpful who want to start online marketing.

  9. Amir says:

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