Choosing A Blogging and Internet Marketing Coaching Program

Why do so many self help, positive thinking and motivational seminars, books and audios not work, and what can I do that will work for me? Some of the things that need to be considered in any realistic and effective Internet Marketing Coaching Program are: The person or people providing the training, mentoring, and/or coaching […]

My Internet Marketing Business Tool Kit

Technorati Tags: Tool Kit,Internet Marketing Here’s the list of the current tools I use.  I am always testing and looking for more tools but these are the ones that made my official list.  Please comment and let me know if you think you got something I must try. Blog – Content Management System CMS WordPress […]

June Update Month 3 Starting to Make Progress

Quick post all, I want to capture a little bit about some of the success I had last month before I started in to this month.  It seems thing are starting to click a little bit.  June was a good month July is going to be better. Some of the Highlights I am starting to see […]

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