Blog Monetization Strategy Month 4

This month I wanted to start it off with a little focus on what I am going to do to increase my odds of making a little money.  Last month I really stated to understand a little bit about trafficmoney and how to generate that so I will continue those activates but need to put a little focus on marketing and monetization.  I figured the best way to make sure I am doing enough marketing is to actually have a plan each month and then do it so here is mine for this month.

After reading and hearing about some of the success that others newer internet marketers and bloggers have had I came up with a list of items to work on this month.  These activities should help the chances of this site to make money.

My Marketing Strategy

  • Add infolinks – Done don’t expect much from this but only took 5 minutes to do should be able to generate some pocket change with this.
  • Rotate and review Sidebar Ad’s – Make sure Ad’s are fresh and relevant
    – signed up for NeverBlue pretty slick CPA which also has build in banner rotations.
  • Change all affiliate links to unique gocodes url – for masking and tracking
  • Create Paid Member’s Area – seems this page gets a lot of traffic $10 a month and provide access to my huge private library of stuff I can’t give away but have rights to sell.
  • Updated Free Members Area with some Free Affiliate Products
  • Sneak in more affiliate links to post or product do a product review every 4th Post
  • Paid Website Reviews if I see any that seem relevant to this site
  • Begin Development of my 1st Product/Service, I don’t think I will get this launch as this month looks crazy already but I want to target early or mid next month and hope to start promotions this month.
    More to come on this need to keep it secret for now but lets just say it has something to do with social media-free and free blog setup and training!

My Monitory Goals

I want to double sales every month till that is no longer realistic.  So right now that is more then realistic as last month I only had one sale $46 but one is better then none and it seems my traffic is growing at a nice pace so that should really help.  Plus last months sale was to a membership site so that sale should continue every month for the rest of the year. The power of re-occurring sales.

Well that my plan lets see what happens.  Do anyone else out there sit down and determine their marketing strategy every month.  Anybody else have anything to add I love to hear you thoughts and comments.

Looking forward to a good month.  Wow I started this post on 2nd just getting it out now at least the month isn’t over yet.

I also wanted to thank The Gooroo for introducing me to Neverblue you can learn more about his success with this affiliate marketing campaign tool here .

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9 Responses to “Blog Monetization Strategy Month 4”

  1. Greg Ellison says:

    That is a good list to make some money for your blog. Greg Ellison
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  2. Jared,

    You’ve got a good marketing strategy set up here. Implement these ideas and you’ll make some good money. I’m glad I was of some help to you (introducing you to Neverblue)! 🙂
    The Gooroo @´s last blog ..How Important Are Domain Names? My ComLuv Profile

  3. Ricky says:

    I have not yet monetized my blog.I am planning to do so.
    Ricky´s last blog ..FileZilla 3.2.7 Is Available To Download My ComLuv Profile

  4. Money can slowly obsess people without their consent so we need to be careful in monetizing. Money is not the final goal, but a mean to achieve it. Good luck!
    Isaac | GoBlogger´s last blog ..Why Blogging Buddies are Good for You My ComLuv Profile

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