Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 2

A little bit of how to get google Page Rank advice without all the math. Some don’t bother with page rank but as a blogger you should at a bare minimum at least know what is and at a high level how it works.  Also included are a few little tricks that you can do to help boost yours. 

Mine is only a 1 right now but lets see what happens over the next couple months as I build better back links to my site.  A lot say it takes 6 months to see any results but there are some good benefits to having a higher page rank such as a return on search results for keywords.  Plus it will give you more credibility.

What is Page Rank what is it and why does it matter?

If you want to really learn about page rank check out what wikipedia has to say about PageRank but this might make your head hurt.  Here’s what you need to know with out getting in to the details.  

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet; this PageRank denotes a site’s importance in the eyes of Google.

Zero is less important

Ten is High Value

My Page rank is low what can I do to help it?

Build more incoming Links.

It pretty simple, every link coming to your site is really like a vote on the internet as to how important your site is.  The PageRank of that site determines how good the vote is.  A link from a higher page rank site have more weight or value.  Also note do follow link have more value then no follow links.  Rules keep changing on no follow but do follow is defiantly better for back link weight.

This month I focused a little on links and SEO and I am now a PageRank 1 not sure when or how but I am Happy .  I think BlogEngage might have helped with this.  I suggest you try it if you havn’t they are a PageRank 4 site that you can plug-in to your blog and also submit your posts to pretty easy and then allow for others to vote.  I see a nice bit of traffic starting to come in from here.

You want to have more high value incoming links!

Google places higher weight on social networking sites.  Thanks one of the reasons you should spend some time setting up your profiles or automating you syndication to these sites you you can do one click broadcast to these where ever possible.

Here is a list of some great know and unknown high page rank sites you can easily get back links from you might want to try.  How many do or have you used?  Starting to see the importance of using these and making it easy for others to use this via your blog to create inbound links for you.  At the end of this post are some that you might or might not have heard of.  I haven’t tried them all but I came across this list once and grabbed it figured it would be nice to share below some of the higher rank sites so you might want to make sure your bookmarked or using some of these from time to time.  See if you can work them in to your posting routine.

Page Rank 9


Page Rank 8


Page Rank 7


In conclusion if your looking to better your PageRank you might want to try some of the sites above if your not all ready using them.  See if you can get setup on them or get others to bookmark back links for you.  Also give BlogEngage a try, it seems to have helped me.

Well enough about how to get google Page Rank next Part will be on tools, and keywords.  Then I think my 15 minutes is about up.  Remember if you want more then what I am providing here check out SeoBook I have all ready learned a ton from here.

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