Outsourcing your Graphic Design

Let face it we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Why I can put to together some simple lame graphics so things are just better left to a Pro or Guru.  Graphic design might be one of the 1st things you can outsource or out task to help is give your business the right look and feel.  The process is pretty simple you figure out what size graphic’s you need a lot of places will do bundles.  Then you put together your idea’s and requirements and send to to a designer.

Who to use.

A couple companies that are know for this are 99 designs.  With 99 designs you submit your project and then people from around the globe can compete for about a week.  You then can pick the winner.  I never used this site but have heard of many that like the way it works.  Your not stuck with one design.  You get to pick which one you like.  Project cost range from from $100 to $600.

If you looking for quick turnaround and awesome work you should check out 20DollarBanners. 

Low rates and quick turn around, lots of experience 50,000 plus some designs over the years.  You also get up to 5 revisions.

You can learn more about the designer in this Tuan Nguyen Interview

Also my buddy Doug Dillard over at makingmoneyonline.com is running another contest and this time you can win a $109 custom banner package from here. You can learn more about the details by clicking the link.

I hope I win but if not I pretty sure I going to be sending Tuan some business as it is time for this site to get some professional graphics.

I started thinking about what I am looking for and here is a sketch let me know what you think.  As you can see graphic’s are not my think so I busted out the kids crayons.  Now there is a easy way to make some graphic’s crayons and a scanner.

I want something like this I am open to colors but my oldest daughter said green for money and I think that is a good call Smile 

The Cult is sitting on a bridge, my site is to be a bridge between newbie and guru’s.  I want the bridge to have Dollars signs as the supports.  I want would love to see some social media icons sitting on the bridge and peeping out over the letters.  Throw my picture in there somewhere.  Maybe I could be on a boat under the bridge but this is about the extent of my graphic abilities. 

Please let me know and if anyone wants to do take a stab at free graphic’s for this site.  Send them over.  If I like them and use them I will do a post about you.


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48 Responses to “Outsourcing your Graphic Design”

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  2. OutSource Your Graphic Design…

    Let face it we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Why I can put to together some simple lame graphics so things are just better left to a Pro or Guru. Graphic design might be one of the 1st things you can outsource or out task to help is give you…

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  7. Extreme John says:

    Over the past few years I have had anywhere from 1 to 20 different designers on staff, I use to constantly mix that between outsourced and US based web and graphic designers.

    As much as the language barrier can be a challenge when it comes to outsourcing, the results are usually very very good.
    Extreme John´s last blog ..Weekly Rewind My ComLuv Profile

  8. EarningStep says:

    about graphic…. honestly i try to design it by my self . i have a little skill to use photoshop
    EarningStep´s last blog ..Get cash back when you shopping online – bigcrumbs cash back diagram My ComLuv Profile

  9. L King says:

    incredible information

    check out mycomeup.com

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  11. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    In fact, I tried to design a banner for myself, but it doesn’t look professional as I’m poor in graphic design. Anyway, Doug has a great contest over there, and I’m going to participate and win the banner package prize! 😀

    Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..MyBlog2Day Is Running Thesis Theme My ComLuv Profile

  12. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Jared, just to let you know that Doug’s domain is makingmoneyonline.com instead of makingmoney.com as what you mentioned in the above post. 🙂

  13. Hesham says:

    Me myself I am a web designer, but I sometimes go for another designer specially when I do projects for my clients! it’s so useful to change the mode of your work! I think I will stop do designs for my projects, maybe a little touches only!

    Thanks for the good post!
    Hesham´s last blog ..37 Links for my Twitter Friends and Sponsors of FBC Contest My ComLuv Profile

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  15. Jared, thanks for the post. I have few blogs that I need banners for. I will try 20DollarBanners you mention above.

    Keep sharing more such resources with us.
    Ravi@Make Quick Money´s last blog ..Backlinking Strategies that Work My ComLuv Profile

  16. bbrian017 says:

    I’ve had experiences with both domestic and out sourcing. Like John the one issues we have is the communication barrier which is sometimes extremely frustrating but non the less it’s cheaper and the quality is usually the same if not better.
    bbrian017´s last blog ..Social Interaction Builds Blog Traffic My ComLuv Profile

  17. Jared says:

    Yes, can’t bet the price. Communication is a challege just make sure you give good requirements. Really that is the key I been working with outshore teams for many years. Even spent a month in India. What a interesting and booming place.
    Jared´s last blog ..Looking to Blog for Money My ComLuv Profile

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  19. […] Tips for Outsourcing your Graphic Design | The Money Cult […]

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  21. Robin says:

    This is simply good stuff. If some one can outsource their work just with help of a blog. But is it safe???

  22. Jared says:

    Robin, outsourcing is safe you just need to know who you are dealing with. If you look at Tuan Nguyen and his story and the amount of work he has done you really have nothing to be scared of. Most of the other e-lance or rent a coder also have rating or scores so stick with people that have expirecne or good reviews. Kinda like e-bay don’t buy from people with negitive feedback.

    If your looking to outsource graphic’s then Tuan is your man. Prices are low, turn around is fast and you get up to 5 re-visions seems like a no brainer and have you looked at how good his work is. If I don’t win Dougs contest I am putting in an order this week.
    Jared´s last blog ..What Your Blog Strategy? Part 1 My ComLuv Profile

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  25. lisa says:

    Why would people not just learn the graphic design skill their self? Isn’t that way it will be more efficient?\

    Thanks and sorry for my foolish questions.

  26. Amazing tips. Not everyone can design their own logo or a project so it’s great to have sites that you can dish out your ideas and how it must be done. What’s cool about it is that you don’t only get to choose over one design but lots of it. Having your logo design ain’t that complicated anymore.

  27. Jared says:

    Lisa it not that people will not learn, it a time thing also. I can do graphics but they take me 2-4 times as long and look 1/2 as good. In a pinch I will do it but for the price if you have 20-50 dollars all you have to do it pay for it and in a day you can have something that looks good and your done.

    Everytime I try to do graphic’s I spin my wheels for a couple hours. I should take the time to learn but right now I am learning other things. Maybe it if took the time to learn it would be quicker at it but still think I don’t do enough of it or will do enough of it to every be quick at it.
    Jared´s last blog ..Easy Podcasts How to Guide Part 2 My ComLuv Profile

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  29. Brad Harmon says:


    I am comfortable adapting a theme for my use with some basic html skills, but when it comes to graphic design forget it. As much as I would love to do it myself, I do not have the skills for it.

    When I had my accounting firm I worked with an online logo design firm that designed my logos, business cards, and stationary. The end result was very good, but there was little communication.

    I sent them detailed requirements, and they sent me three rounds of proofs. I was pretty worried after the first round, but then the second round changes were amazing. I only needed some color changes in the third round.

    Great post!


    P.S. Did you end up using Tuan Nguyen?
    Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Counting the Costs – Why Do So Many Small Businesses Fail? My ComLuv Profile

  30. Sometimes I outsource graphic design. I like to outsource content occasionally as well.
    George@SEO Lair Blog´s last blog ..SEO vs PPC: 10 Reasons SEO Is Better Than PPC My ComLuv Profile

  31. What an awesome blog! Could you possibly tell me what theme you are useing? That is if you dont mind of course?

  32. I really don’t know what to tell you, maybe get a job at a print shop if you want to cut corners. I am in one of the best Canadian privitized arts Universities, NSCAD. It was like jumping through hoops to get in.

  33. I really don't know what to tell you, maybe get a job at a print shop if you want to cut corners. I am in one of the best Canadian privitized arts Universities, NSCAD.

  34. Hey, I outsource all of my graphics and find I get results far better than if I work on the myself. I usually do the outsourcing by simply putting an ad on rentacoder.com. Most of the time I now use the same person as I have found someone who is very cheap and very good at what he does.
    My recent post Hurdles To Internet Marketing Success

  35. I’m definitely with you on this one.
    at the moment i am studying graphic design at a little college in Italy and am always on the pursuit for new concepts and fresh perspectives on this topic. I commend you on your “Tips for Outsourcing your Graphic Design | The Money Cult” page! it delivered some really top notch info.

  36. I'm a big fan of outsourcing – I think its one of the keys to quickly building an online business. If you get stuck down in article writing or graphic design you have so much less time to work on growing your business…Thanks for the info in this post, I'm definitely going to keep 99 designs in mind next time I need graphics made!
    My recent post Brian G Johnson

  37. epstein bar says:

    If you lack time or skill to complete a particular project for a client, for example, you might hire another freelance designer to do the work for you while you manage the client relationships.

  38. Steve-o says:

    A great alternative to these is DesginCrowd's outsourcing platform that can be fully white labelled – http://outsource.designcrowd.com

  39. Philip k says:

    Thanks for the info on these design companies. The 20 Dollar Banners one looks good for my needs. I was wondering if you know of anyone who could design Flexsqueeze headers that would still let you overlay the site title as the default ones do. It would be good to be able to customize this theme more than with the standard set. The updated Flexsqueeze is a big improvement and with access to custom headers wold be even better still!
    My recent post I'm New In Website and Internet Marketing. So, I need your expertise about this.?

  40. melissaborja says:

    More and more companies are now outsourcing. Because of this, they can concentrate more on their actual work and more important stuff. Graphic design outsourcing on the other hand is one thing that is currently soaring high right now. This can benefit both the outsourcer and the outsourcee. Just wanna share more places you can outsource your business – I came across this e HOW articles, this might help
    My recent post BPO Philippines- Indispensable Business Process Outsourcing Hub

  41. As an example imagine the benefits you will receive by outsourcing your graphic design work to professional companies. For one thing you don''t have to worry and stress yourself on how you are going to get the work done when you yourself are not a graphics designer. This practice also saves you plenty of time, the number one reason is because qualified professionals will be doing your work and they can create five different varieties of a logo for you to choose the one you like. If you tried to this you would spend weeks just educating yourself on how to use the program…

  42. You can also outsource your graphic design in the Philippines. You can have a custom quality designs with just a portion of your dollars.

  43. As a graphics design I am very much proud to read your post that you've share is here about the simple lame graphics so things are just better left to a Pro or Guru. Your 99 graphics design another one knowledgeable lettering for me.
    My recent post Packaging Design Inspiration

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  45. 여자 says:

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  46. Dennis says:

    I would want to win that contest in the future.

  47. Bell says:

    There is no question about this, we all definitely have our strong and weak points and the biggest thing is understand what those points are, if we are able to know them well then we will be able to succeed, but if we don’t then we will find it very tough to make things happen. I am working with OctaFX broker that makes everything easier for me with their lovely swap free account option; it gives me good platform to do long term trading without having to pay any fees.

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