What Your Blog Strategy? Part 1

In this post I going to talk a little bit about your overall plan for you blog and making money.  So the question is do you have a blog strategy and if so what is it and what does it include.  Now isn’t that an interesting question.  Here are a couple more you should ask yourself. 

Do you a blog strategy?
Do you follow it?
Do you review it?
Do you like to here about other  peoples strategies?
Do you like to experiment with new ones?

I started written this and it got a little long so I going to break it up in at least 2 parts.  So far this is what I plan to cover but I might think of other things to add as there really is just so much to think about.

Part One

  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Affiliate Marketing

Part Two

  • Learning/Reading
  • SEO and Keyword Research
  • Entering and Running Contest
  • Connecting with people
  • Helping Outs

Since the earlier in the year I been trying and figure out a 10 hour work week.  I figure most part time bloggers would only have about that much time so I want to figure out a plan of action for myself that I could share about managing a blog business on 10 hours a week.

Right now I will say I am well over that amount of time but I enjoy doing what I am doing.  As for as my blog strategy mine is try everything that I see others doing that seems to work as long as it fits my style and personality.  When I try something that has positive results I repeat that action.  Lets explain how that works.  So I read a lot of blogs and listen to others that share there success stories.  If I see something that I am not doing and it seems interesting and looks like it would with help with getting me to reach or accomplish a goal then I am up to give it a try.  Right now here are a few things that I do and I plan to keep doing that seem to having positive affects on my blog.

This is what makes up my blog strategy


Posting: I have a goal to post at least 3 times a week.  I would like to do more but I must do 3.  If you are not posting regularly then you need to end of story.  In addition to posting to my blog.  When I do post I also include the following activities as part of my posting routine this ensure my post is broadcasted outside of my blog to help drive more traffic.  I Tweet my post with su.pr link so I can track it and also su.pr which is also part of stumbleupon.   I also then submit to blog engage and stumble  I recently have seen a nice jump in traffic from doing this.

In addition to the extra 2 steps about I have my blog feeding friendfeed which also feeds facebook.  The day I post I usually have a nice amount of traffic from the fresh content and these activities.  I then on the days I don’t post make sure to do commenting or some bookmarking and tweets to some of my older content or more popular content to help keep the traffic flowing.

Commenting: I make it a habit to commenting  on other sites.  I have a list in my RSS that I make sure to cover at least once a week.  Again I would love to do this more then once a week and generally do but I am sure to plan an hour or two of focus time toward this each week. 

I also make sure to comment right away on any new commenter I see day one not sure how long I will be able to keep this up as my comments are really growing fast but I will try to do my best.  Here is how this works.  So if someone comments on my blog and the name is new I am sure to check out there link and see if I can leave a message or some comments somewhere as a way of saying thanks.  Plus this helps me identify and understand the type of people that are coming to and reading my site.  I made some really good connections doing this.  I am really believe that this process really helps with repeat comment from people.  It starts the relationship.  I addition to all this I pretty much find myself commenting whenever I have free time or just a few minutes.  Leaving meaningful comments has a lot of power!

In addition to posting on other blogs you need to make sure to reply to comments on my own blog.  I make it a point to at least reply once or twice on each post.  I not the best about this and could probably do a better job but I think it also can really get a conversation going in the comments that will encourage other comments.  Plus it looks good when the owner is in the mix.

Affiliate Marketing: One of the easiest things to do on line if find affiliate products and market and promote them.  In minutes you can be doing this on click bank or any other product that has an affiliate program.  I also recommend if your not using gocodes yet try it on wordpress as you can change the affiliate url to something more friendly.  You can also track clicks on the links.  Now you might not make any money but affiliate marketing is a key part of your business.  You need to understand it so you can be sure to be including just the right about of mix of marketing and blogging.  You can try different banners of products that you like or think fit your site.  I have found that one of the more clicked ads or the text link ones that you put within a post.  I think people trust links more than ads.  My approach here is keep add it and keep trying till I find something that works.  I make sure to throw an affiliate post in every 5 post.  I will end this section with a quote David Risley which really makes sense. 

”SOLID BLOGGING + COMPETENT MARKETING = LOTSA MONEY” David Risley from 6 Figure Blogger Blue Print.

In conclusion you can see that fitting all this in to 10 hours might be a challenge and this is only part 1.  I am up for it and I would love to here your thoughts and suggestions.  I know I am missing things but writing this down and sharing should only help get all this out of my head and reviewed by others for feedback.

My goal is to get to a 10 hour work week until I can do this full time.  Can you fit all this in to 10 hours a week?

I let you know when I figure that one out.

I am also missing product development, e-mail marketing and a bunch of other stuff.  I need to work more on those but don’t have the time right now but they are all part of the plan.

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18 Responses to “What Your Blog Strategy? Part 1”

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  3. Jared says:

    @Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach
    Thanks Barbara for the feedback, I need to spend some more time on your site as it seem someone can learn a lot from you.

  4. The fact that you have outlined a plan puts you in the front-burner for success – good job! And best of skill for your future endeavors as well.
    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..New Facebook Ickness – Facebook Fan Check Scam My ComLuv Profile

  5. earningstep says:

    lucky me .. i use all the blogging strategy .. this is what i have lot of traffic and win at top ranking on google in few important keyword
    earningstep´s last blog ..Make money with Darkblue – the simplest affiliate network My ComLuv Profile

  6. LetUpdate says:

    it seems that our blog strategy is same, except for the affiliate thing. I may try it too. 😀
    LetUpdate´s last blog ..Mobile Blogging My ComLuv Profile

  7. Hi Jared. I use content-is-king blogging strategy, which consists of three steps: producing quality content, promoting, and monetizing.

    Now I am actively producing content as good as I can and promoting it. I only do simple monetizing just for fun because solid monetizing requires solid traffic. And new blog like mine (2 months old) is not yet having big traffic.

    For schedule, I am very flexible, but mostly about 8 hours a day.

    Cheers 😀
    Isaac | GoBlogger´s last blog ..The Secrets of Unique Blogging Voice My ComLuv Profile

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  9. Matt Wolfe says:

    Hey Jared,
    Great post. I think it is important to have a plan of attack when working on a blog. I, too, find it hard to reply to people’s comments a lot. Lately I have also been struggling with getting around to other blogs and making comments. Once I started creating my own products, I lost focus on the blogging. I am trying to balance it all better now. Blogging is the root of where I am at today. I need to get back in to posting, commenting elsewhere, and responding to people. Thanks for the reminder.

    Talk to you soon,
    Matt Wolfe´s last blog ..How To Schedule Posts For Later My ComLuv Profile

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  11. Doug Dillard says:

    I have a strategy, but it is mostly in my head… but I do tend to adhere to it. I definitely need to write it down, as well as figure out a more structured timetable for working on our blogs. There is definitely a lot of wasted time that could be used for more important things. I am definitely going to start working on fixing that.
    Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Making Money Online Subscription Contest – Win Professionally Designed Logos or a Character Mascot My ComLuv Profile

  12. Jared says:

    @Doug Dillard
    Doug, Yes I have a lot of stuff in my head also and seem to think part of my problem is I waste too much time looking at e-mail and google analytics. I thinking very soon I am going to set a exact scheulde and plan for the 7 of the 10 hours I want to spend on this blog and strickly follow it for a week or 2 and just see how much more I get done.

    Matt, Good to see you on here and back to posting. I no your doing really good with your products but remember your roots.

    Issac, yes content is king and man I wish I had 8 hours. Maybe someday.
    Jared´s last blog ..What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2 My ComLuv Profile

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  14. Marvin says:

    I’m in the process of putting my blog strategy down in writing — you’ve got some great ideas. I may have to start over. 😀
    Marvin´s last blog ..Sep 22, Olympic Caliber Leadership Commitment My ComLuv Profile

  15. Brad Harmon says:


    Thanks for the suggestions. I am new to blogging, but I learned from running my own business that if I do not put my strategy down in writing then I am too easily distracted. There's also something about seeing it in writing that makes it more real to me.

    What is your rule of thumb regarding writing blog posts for affiliate reviews versus the normal content of your blog? How do you balance this without over-commercializing your blog?



  16. I like affiliate and CPA deals personally for making money. I don’t really love Adsense although it definitely works if you do it right.
    George@SEO Lair Blog´s last blog ..SEO vs PPC: 10 Reasons SEO Is Better Than PPC My ComLuv Profile

  17. Clarke says:

    Every single strategy should be as simple as it gets as that is what will lead us into profit making, if we are unable to make proper methods and strategy then we should give up on been success, I am lucky that I got a quality business like Forex trading, it’s not just good but legitimate, so that’s what make it so good and cool and one of the major reason I am working with OctaFX broker and they make my life all so much easier!

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