Build Your Brand like TO Terrell Owens

Love him or hate him.  You can learn about building a brand and using social media from TO Terrell Owens.  For those that don’t know this about me I live just outside of Buffalo and my house is only about 10 minutes away from the Buffalo Bills Stadium.terrell-owens-cereal-tos-box-front  If you think about the NFL is the biggest marketing powerhouse their is.  Look at what marketing has done for them.  They have taken this sport and turned it in to a  billion dollar industry. 

I been wanting to do a post about TO Terrell Owens since he came to the Bills but just couldn’t figure out a way to work it in and wasn’t exactly sure just what to say.  I figured I would do a little post about him on this NFL Sunday. 

Bloggers can learn from Terrell Owens 

Since the announcement was made that TO  would be with the Bill’s.  The media frenzy began.  He has been in the news around here none stop.  From his real estate agent to his TV’s show.  In addition to that you don’t really go more than a couple days without him leaking or saying something that is in the new from his twitter account.  Yes  TO is a regular twitter user seems to be the latest trend with high profile NFL and other sport super starts.

He often leaks news about the team and players via twitter.  He thanks or congratulates other players on contracts or whatever else is going on way before this stuff hits the news.  So TO is stalked on twitter by all the news channels and reported on daily by local talk radio.  I decided to follow TO Terrell Owens myself and wish him the best of luck before game day.  I even offered him free IT support if he would ever need it all he has to do it send me a tweet. I don’t expect it but you never know that would make for a good story.

In addition to being a daily twitter user, he has his own cereal and he was twittering and streaming live to the net when they announced that at a local grocery store.  He landed reality The T O Show on VH1 which is not renewed for a 2nd season I didn’t what it I don’t do much TV since I started this blog but I hope the renew his contract with the Bills to go along with that.  I really don’t care that he is controversial player.  He is good, real good and that is all that matters.  The Bills have had a few ruff years since I moved here and lets just say having him around makes things a lot more interesting.

Believe me if you looking to build your brand which you should be if your a blogger.  You really should take a look at how TO does it.  He has created one of the largest personal Brands out of all the NFL players for himself.  He actively uses social media outlets and has an very well built website. Check out the Terrell Owens Website

Even if you don’t like T O just look at how well his website is and everything he has going on here.  Obviously he has some real pro’s working for him.  He even has his own social network on this site looks like I need to sign up right now for that and link back here.  So this week when your watching the games I want you to.

Study NFL Marketing

Chances are your going to watch the game this week or a game so why not do a little multitasking and take a look all the marketing that is going on through out the game.  The NFL is a huge business and most people watch it and play fantasy football.  It seems that social media and the web it also becoming a larger part of this business so why not see if anything that they are doing makes sense for your business model.

Everyone Enjoy your Sunday and GO BILLS!

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11 Responses to “Build Your Brand like TO Terrell Owens”

  1. Build Your Brand Like TO Terrel Owens…

    Love him or hate him. You can learn about building a brand and using social media from TO Terrell Owens. For those that don’t know this about me I live just outside of Buffalo and my house is only about 10 minutes away from the Buffalo Bills Stadium….

  2. LetUpdate says:

    Blogger surely have something to learn from TO. It seem To have done self online marketing so well.
    LetUpdate´s last blog ..Statistic for Blog My ComLuv Profile

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  4. Doug Dillard says:

    I am not a big TO fan… but I can definitely see he is doing pretty well with his branding. I just checked out his site which is pretty cool. Very smart to have a public issue ( that he is supporting playing first thing, as just watching that made me dislike him a little less 🙂
    Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Guest Blogging on Making Money Online My ComLuv Profile

  5. You right, bloggers can learn a thing or 2 from him. He has done a great job branding himself.
    Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Flashback Monday – 100th Blog Post, Affiliate Program, & Super Mario Bros Z My ComLuv Profile

  6. earningstep says:

    yeah.. i know him before.. i can learn one thing … that is hard work…
    earningstep´s last blog ..Complete video about how to make money with clickbank – clickbank for beginner My ComLuv Profile

  7. Hmm, not sure about that. I agree about building brand but there are many other famous people I will prefer to learn from – not TO after his outburst on eagles.
    Ravi@Make Quick Money´s last blog ..5 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader My ComLuv Profile

  8. It’s really a worthy content for learning how to make the brand.I think it’s very important.

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  11. corningware says:

    love this brand! makes a pro out of anyone

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