Easy Podcasts How to Guide Part 2

In the 1st part of The Easy Podcasts How to Guideyou learn all about getting ready to record.  Now it time to hit record.  Today we have so many options available to us to record.  Just about any mp3 player,  phone or PDA has a voice recorder.  The key is to make sure you get the best possible quality audio podcast and that you are able to easily transport you audio file to your computer.  Then you can review it and do what you need to get it ready for publishing. 

I going to talk in general about your options for recording podcast.  I will go in to more detail about one super easy podcast option that makes the recording possible for anyone.  Best of all this option is free and can be done from anywhere and setup in a mater of minutes.  Before I get in to that I want to share a couple tips before you hit record.

Tips Before Recording Podcast

  • Test Your Equipment
    -Before you begin you want to make sure it works and sound quality is ok other wise your wasting your time
  • Hit Record, Make sure mute is off
    -I know doh! I only say it because it happens and when it does it sucks.
  • Elimate noise and distractions
    -If your outside beware of wind.  Inside make sure it is as quite as can be elimate any background noise.


Time to Make A Podcast

Here is the easiest way I have found to make a podcast.  This is the service I used for the awesome interview with Keller Hawthorne.  I found a free conference call service that will allow for recording.  http://www.freeconferencecalling.com/ you can learn more about it at the site.  This service is completely free and can handle up to 500 people on a line.  Once you sign up you will be sent a conference line number and host code.  The number they give you is a not toll free but most have skype or free long distance plans now a days. 

With this service all you do is dial the number they give you, enter your passcode, enter your host code then just hit *5 you will here record on.  Thats it see how simple all you do is hit call a phone number and hit *5 to turn on an off recording.  You can also manage the call via the web.  The site has decent FAQ’s and how to guides so now from any phone line you can make a podcast.  Within 60 minutes after the call the mp3 file is available for download.  You can share the link off their server but it will only be available for 30 days.  So if you can talk on a phone you can make a podcast that how easy this option is.  I strongly suggest you give it at try.  So now you can make a podcast in anytime you like as long as you have  a phone.

If you don’t like this option you can alway use other options to record pocast such as an iphone or mp3 player.  Pretty much anything that has a mic will work.  If you have a headset for your PC that will work also.  Another option is your X-Box or WII mic that is lying around, I have used mine before and the qualty was really good.  It’s a Logitech Pro mic yes it will also work on your computer I didn’t even need any addional drivers.  Give it a try you be suprised at the quality.

If your doing a windows podcast for recording software you can download and use Audacity  this is free and very powerful.  Windows does have builting recording program but it is very plain.  I try to make my recording so I don’t have to edit them as it can be a pain and add time to the process but with Audacity you can clean up noise and trim and merge files if necessary.

By now you should understand your options to record podcast.   You have many I say try the phone option everyone can talk on a phone.  Stay tuned for the last part of this serious Easy Podcasts How to Guide Part 3where I going to cover publishing and submittion.  Your learn about wordpress podcast options and plugins.

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  1. Easy Podcasts How To Guide Part 2…

    Part 2 of a 3 part serious on creating easy podcasts. In this how to podcast guide I am covering the basics or preparing, recording and then publishing podcast to wordpress blogs. Here you will learn about some easy ways to record your podcast and so…

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  3. Do you know an y good “FREE” tool to record conversation on skype?

    -Shanker Bakshi
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  4. Brad Harmon says:


    Thanks for the suggestions. I had not heard about Audacity before. I am going to check it out.

    Looking forward to part 3 of your series.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Hi, this is my first visit on your site and i think in the middle it will be hard to understand the whole podcast. So I think i should read it from starting.

  6. Nice article, I recently started delving into screencasting and podcasting and have some additional tips. Make sure you set a keyboard shortcut to the “pause” button on recording so you can pause/resume quickly. Test 5 minutes of recording and play it back several times tweaking levels, when mixing sound and audio together make sure you balance the levels so music or sound doesn’t drown out your voice. I currently use Audacity for all my audio only and really enjoy the Blubrry podcasting service which is very easy to publish on and integrate into wordpress blogs.
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