What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2

In part one of what’s your blog strategy I covered Posting, Commenting, Affiliate Marketing now I going to get to the other stuff I am spending a lot of my time on right now.  In part 2 of what’s your blog strategy I am going to talk about the following. 

Learning and Reading

A lot of pro bloggers suggest you spend just as much time reading as you do writing.   I spend a lot of time reading other blogs probably more then writing.  I also spend a lot of time learning.  I just need to know understand things.  I have always been very good about teaching myself things.  I will be trying to learn anything you need to do to get the job done.  I do a lot of reading and I love to learn I am amazed at just how much their is to learn but I love it.  The best part is their is so much free information it just a matter of weeding thought the crap.  If you don’t like to learn blogging isn’t for you.

SEO and Keyword Research

Well last month I focused on SEO and I accomplished my goal of learning enough to make sure I am not hurting myself.  I still owe everyone part three of my serious on that but I am still trying to figure out what I want to put for keywords as at this time I still am having some trouble trying to find a simple way to explain that.  Right now if I were to post about keywords it would be crap!

However I will say this month I am doing a case study on keywords and how to do research and I will share with everyone the results when I am done but I am hoping that this case study brings in 1000 visitors which it claims to do after 30 days the process makes a lot of sense but it also is a fair amount of work.  But I am going to give it a go as I like the prize increased traffic.

Entering and Running Contest

I like to enter contest cause it helps drive traffic back to my site.  If you look at how the a lot of contest work on blogs a lot of time you will end up with some outside exposure on other sites.  Recently I entered the best wordpress 2009 blog design contest not because I thought I would win or have a shot but for the sole purpose of traffic and guess what it is working.  My traffic has increased since I entered and it is only been going on for a week.  If you haven’t voted their yet check it out and vote for me I could use the support. I would love to crack the top 10.

I also entered a couple contests at makingmoneyonline and Doug is pretty good about posting some link love to contestants whenever they post a link to me in the results I see a nice spike in traffic.  A while back I entered contest on a blog where I had to do a video but ended up with some free coaching which really helped forced me to start doing some video and won me some time with a real guru.  Here’s a link to it it pretty bad but it was my 1st ever video.

I still need to run my 1st contest here I have a great idea but need to pull it all together.  People might be too lazy for it but you never know.  I will be making people do a video sorry you need to not be afraid of the camera if you serious about internet marketing.

Connecting with people: I have never before in my life ever meet so many like minded interesting and motivated people.  I love it and is seems I meet a new cool person everyday.  Extra bonus of running a blog and using social networks.  In addition to meeting new people I really think that the karma gods are watching and the more I help other people the more good things will happen to me.


This is most of what I am pretty activity doing right now.  Then from time to time you need to look at your web design and also need to start developing your own products to sell and let others sell.

My goal is to get to develop a 10 hour work week for running my blog.  Can you fit all this in to 10 hours a week? 

I let you know when I figure that one out.

I am also missing product development and e-mail marketing.  I need to work more on those but don’t have the time right now but they are in place.  Let me know if you think anything is missing from my blog strategy.  Also anyone out there that is a part-time blogger if you have any advice for fitting it all in please share.

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12 Responses to “What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2”

  1. […] Excerpt from:  What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2 […]

  2. LetUpdate says:

    I, my self, still learning to make visibility for my blog in internet. And i learn from this article about how important to pick keyword and stick with it.
    LetUpdate´s last blog ..Subscribe WordPress.org Blog to Google Webmasters My ComLuv Profile

  3. Whats your Blog Strategy Part 2…

    Part 2 of figuring out your Blog Strategy. Ask your self do you have a blog strategy or blog strategies? In this you will learn all about mine. …

  4. great info!
    Georgie@Decisionally Challenged´s last blog ..The Ugly Truth My ComLuv Profile

  5. Nice points Jared, sounds good. Anyway I think entering the contest with a free theme probably has a smaller chance to succeed, but everything is possible of course.

    Cheers 😀
    Isaac | GoBlogger´s last blog ..Subscribers Count, Show it or not? My ComLuv Profile

  6. Kelli Garner says:

    Thats very good to know… thanks

  7. Brad Harmon says:


    I love the idea of promoting a contest. Keller Hawthorne is one smart cookie with her Best WordPress Design 2009 contest. It is a win-win for both her and those in the contest. I found you through your interview with her which I am guessing came about from you joining her contest.

    I am still struggling with SEO optimization and picking good niche keywords for my blog. Would you suggest that I keep filling my blog with content that may not be keyword optimized, or stop posting until I can nail down all of my niche keywords?



  8. Hi,

    Helping others in the blogosphere is a sure way to gain the acceptance of the other bloggers in the community and also helps in the boost of the business.

    I love the points that you have mentioned in this post. SEO keyword search is a important factor that can help you out in getting the best output for your blog.

    Thanks for these wonderful suggestions.
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  9. Vickster says:

    That’s an interesting point you bring up about entering contests. I must admit that I didn’t enter the WordPress 2009 competition because I thought I didn’t stand a chance. But it would definitely be worthwhile to try if it means boosting traffic to my blog even a little bit 🙂
    Vickster´s last blog ..Be popular on Digg My ComLuv Profile

  10. Connecting with people in your niche is important for obtaining high quality links in the long run.
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  11. Samuels says:

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