Everyone is Buzzing Membership Site MasterMind Open

If you haven’t heard this by now trusted blog and internet marketing guru Yaro Starak has opened his Membership Site MasterMind program for the last time this year.  If you looking to build a membership site this is the program for you.  You can learn from one of the best in the business.  This is […]

Blog Redesign Part 1

If you have read my previous post I feel I need spend a little time re-thinking and planning my next steps for The Money Cult and this blog concept.  My thought is to be completely open with this process and share my thoughts with everyone as I put together my action plan thought a serious […]

The Importance of Staying Motivated

I just wanted to say I really blew it this month looking like I am going to take a couple steps backwards but that is ok.  I completely lost my focus and motivation.  I stop publishing regularly, I stopped spending time on just about everything.  I really took some time off from my blog and […]

Life Planning Key to Accomplish Dreams

I know a lot of people think about where they want to get to in life but do you actually try and plan it out.  I go back and forth with my planning.  Usually at least once a year I sit down and make some goals for myself and work towards them.  Planning can be […]

How Important are Blog Comments?

When I 1st started this blog I remember when I 1st got some blog comments I was very stoked and I still enjoy it and check daily for new comments.  Lately I haven’t been as focused on leaving comments as I was the last couple months and my refer traffic has dropped because of it.  […]

Free Website Articles

Ok this really isn’t free but it only cost a dollar.  I wanted to share because I feel that it is well worth the dollar and others might be looking for this something like this and you really can’t bet it for the price.  What is it?  111,107 articles for $1 dollar does not say […]

Another Great Blog Contest

I wanted to quickly share with everyone another great contest I came across.  Seem like contests are becoming more and more popular with bloggers.  I think blogging contests are a great idea.  It good to enter and host contests they seem to go over well with readers and can lead to increase traffic and new […]

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