Blog Redesign Part 1

If you have read my previous post I feel I need spend a little time re-thinking and planning my next steps for The Money Cult and this blog concept.  My thought is to be completely open with this process and share my thoughts with everyone as I put together my action plan thought a serious of blogblogbrainstorm posts over the next 2 weeks.  This way I can get readers thoughts and opinions along the way.  This exercise will cover some of my blog ideas, blog design and will result in a plan for this blog future.

Already I have received some valuable thought’s and encouragement and I expect that this will be a very good and helpful exercise.  It seems when you share and take things to a personal level with your blog that draws a lot of feedback and helps with connecting with others which is really what it is all about.

The Goal of this exercise it to figure out my plan an action steps for the next 2 months in so I will have a clear path to focus on.  This should also provide me with some insight to what I want to accomplish going in to next year.

To kick things off I going to start with a list of my areas of concern.  Each of these should turn in to it own blog post or thread so I can dig deeper in to it.

Areas of Concern

Content – (topics, categories, frequency)
Traffic – (SEO, How to continue to grow)
Blog Design – (Time for worthy theme and re-design)
Realistic Goal’s – ( I like having goals and hitting them)
Making Money – (Needs to be discussed, blog vs. new products)
List Building – (My Aweber account is wasting away)
Helping other’s – (Good things happen to those that help others)
Time Management – (Part time blogger’s don’t have time to waste)
Getting others to promote and contribute – (Find ways to get others to help, win-win)
Parking Lot

This is a good list to start with looks like most of the key fundamentals are covered here.  Please stay tuned as I dig deeper in to each of these area’s over the next couple weeks and hope to uncover the true blog concept and share some of my blog ideas in a public forum.

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9 Responses to “Blog Redesign Part 1”

  1. […] the grand prize. Offer your vote and help decide the winner! Full Indian Dinner will be served. Blog Redesign Part 1 – 10/27/2009 If you have read my previous post I feel I need spend a little […]

  2. Can not wait the evolving your blog. I think that I can learn much from it.
    Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Comment Visibility in High Traffic Blog My ComLuv Profile

    • Praezimed says:

      Congratulations! It is a very user friendly set up,easy to look up wheetvar one wants to find, I have spent a lot of time looking at different parts, movement is so easy. Participating in discussion group has been made much easier than it was before. I am sure young and old, computer savvy and learners all will be able to make good use of our web site. I look forward to a lot of interaction and hope we will receive matter from our NFAs as well as Individual members regarding their activities, bringing us nearer each other with more understanding.Sushil Bhardwaj

  3. Brad Harmon says:


    One of the things that I like the best about your blog is the way you pull back all the curtains and let us see what is going on behind the scenes. I’m still new at blogging so I won’t pretend to know where you are right now, but I have figured out that if you pour that much of yourself into your blog post after post then you better be writing about something you love. I wish you well on your journey, and I hope that I can at least be some encouragement to you as you go through it.

    Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Customers that Make Small Business Owners Scream My ComLuv Profile

  4. Extreme John says:

    Jared thats a great way of going about things, without a doubt the final product will be much better than if you just dove into it.
    Extreme John´s last blog ..To Terminate or Not to Terminate My ComLuv Profile

  5. Hi Jared,

    Like Brad says it’s great that you are so open on your blog – and I think that if you follow your list of areas to address the results can only be positive.


    Will McCulloch´s last blog My ComLuv Profile

  6. I think traffic, content, user friendly and seo friendly design, and setting realistic goals are the most important.
    George@SEO Lair Blog´s last blog ..SEO vs PPC: 10 Reasons SEO Is Better Than PPC My ComLuv Profile

  7. Jacob says:

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