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Ok this really isn’t free but it only cost a dollar.  I wanted to share because I feel that it is well worth the dollar and others might be looking for this something like this and you really can’t bet it for the price. 

What is it?  111,107 articles for $1 dollar does not say it all, then I have nothing else to say!

Check out the link you will find over 110,000 well organized articles.  I think this is an amazing value.  I bought this back in May and since then have used it from time to time to spark and idea or two.  I know people are mixed when it comes to PLR article and I am sure I will hear about it in the comments.  I myself like having a nice little inventory of PLR on my hard drive more or less to look for title ideas or as a source to go to when I exploring a new topics. 

I will say that 99% of the content on TheMoneyCult is unique but from time to time I started my writing with an article from here and then re-wrote or reworked it when I was in need of a quick post.  I also plan think these could be very usefully to pull together a quick mini site of some sort or even build some e-mail. 

Since I titled this Free Website Articles I feel a little guilty so I better tell you about another PLR Product site that I use that is free.  PLR Wholesaler I been a member of this site for a while and find it pretty useful.  This site is 100 percent  free you will get hit with a one time offer which you can click though and have to cough up your e-mail address but that pretty much par for the course in this business.

Here you will find a lot of links to various PLR products from Audio,Video, E-book, Banners, themes, squeeze pages you name it.  I like looking at this stuff to see how others put together products.  Also you find some of the stuff that you see others actually selling online for free so you can review it for you self here vs. paying someone for it.  I find a lot of it to really be unfinished work or shabby work but with the rights you get you could take it an turn it in to a quality product to sell. 

P.S I am about to switch theme’s and do some major changes to the site this weekend so it may look a little funny from time to time.  I hope to accomplish the major stuff this weekend so please bare with me while I converting.

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