Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 3

Back in August I started a three part post on SEO.  My goal with was to create a basic seo how to guide and learn enough about SEO to make sure I wasn’t hurting myself or my blog in anyway.  A lot of people get very confused when the try to understand or learn SEO.  Let’s face it SEO can be very complex. 

Honestly I didn’t think it would take me almost 2 months to finish this seo how to guide but I decided I didn’t feel right about posting part three until I did a some personal test cases.  Over the last month I focused on SEO keyword research and targeting keywords that I felt I could compete for.  One of the nice thing about waiting is you can see what has happened to my traffic as a result of these efforts.

Google Analytics tells a nice story here.


My traffic doubled monthly because of my SEO efforts!

Here you see the last three months of traffic for The Money Cult.  Now I didn’t really start focusing on this blog or traffic till July.  In August I started teaching myself about SEO.  In September I started doing some keyword case studies and more SEO keyword research.  I started to target keywords that I felt I could compete with.  If you look at the search traffic you will see that I have 4x as much search traffic.

SEO Keyword Research

The final part of this basic SEO how to guide is to cover SEO keyword research.  I going to share my step by step approach to this.   Using free tools and following these steps I was able to most of the time land on page one or two within a couple days.

Step 1 – Open Google adwords – keyword tool.

Step 2 – Search for the root of blog post topic word

Step 3 – Filter by local search traffic

Step 4 – Add keywords that have between 1000-10,000 monthly searches and have high or average advertiser competition.

Step 5 – Take this list and then google these words.

Step 6 – Your looking at how many returns and who you would be competing against for your word list.  You will have to get a feel for what site you think you can compete with.  If you see any site like squidoo, ezine articles or sub domain blogs like wordpress or blogger on page one or two this is a good sign that no one is really targeting this.  I jump on these words.

Step 7 – Hopefully you have found some word to target now.  You want to write your post using the tips from Part 1 and 2.  Try to use the word or words as part of your title and url.  I also make sure to repeat the target word or words at least 3 time in the post.  Remember they say that header tags and bolding can have more weight with google.  So you might want to try to work them in to your post that way.

Step 8 – Meta Title, Description, Keywords – I use the All-In-One SEO plug-in and I make sure to reword the title so it is different but still included the target keywords.  I also make sure to include it again in the description and then of course list it in the keyword section.

Step 9 – Publish your post following your posting routine.  When I post I have some built in automatic and manual syndication that occurs.  When I post, I manually submit to Blogengage, I have auto feeds setup to post to facebook, twitter, squidoo and some others.

Then I sit back and wait and see what happens after a couple days. 

P.S. Remember if you now go and comment on blogs that support comment luv you will get backlinks to your article with your keyword in the the tile/url back this should help with your ranking.

Following the above steps I been able to compete pretty well over the last month following this approach.  I can generally find myself within the top 20 positions for the targeted keywords and often reach page one over time.

The nice thing about organic traffic is it seem to be consistent.  So once you reach page one or two you will see a couple hits each day for that word on that post.  So over time if you spend an extra 15 minutes to do this you should see your search and organic traffic grow.

Final Thought’s for my Basic SEO How To Guide

Many that teach this stuff teach it a level that is way to hard to understand for the average person.  I am pretty lucky I have always had pretty good success with learning and teaching myself very technically things.  Part of what I have been doing for years is taking very technical things and simplifying them so I can explain to others. 

Part 1 Learn SEO in 15 Minutes

Part 2 Learn SEO in 15 Minutes

I hope I was able to accomplish and share this here.  If you missed 1st two parts please take a few minutes read them.  Now look I do not claim to be an SEO expert as I am just learning this myself.  However I will say that I have taken all the basic important stuff that I feel everyone should know and put it in to this 3 part series which I call Learn SEO in 15 Minutes.  You could read all 3 posts in less then 15 minutes and you will learn the basic stuff that you should know if you have a blog.

Please let me know if you have any thing to add but I strongly suggest everyone take some try to target keywords and let me know how you make out.


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32 Responses to “Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 3”

  1. SEO in 15 Minutes Part 3 the conclusion…

    The final part of this basic SEO how to guide is to cover SEO keyword research. I going to share my step by step approach to this. Using free tools and following these steps I was able to most of the time land on page one or two within a couple days…

  2. Is SEO really something that can be learned just like that? I was under the impression that it is something that takes time to master.
    Gerri – Ninety Nine Ways´s last blog ..The Ninety Nine Ways Relaunch Contest – More Than $900 in Prizes to be Won! My ComLuv Profile

  3. […] View original post here:  Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 3 […]

  4. Jared Little says:

    @Gerri – Ninety Nine Ways
    Well I wouldn’t say reading this will make you a master black belt seo guru. SEO is a science, yes it will take time to master. People teach and talk about this for hours and hours of training and video. Most blogger’s don’t have the time or will get lost if they try to understand everything it takes to be a master.

    The purpose of these post was really to cover the basic, must know stuff that anyone can do. I wanted to learn and share the stuff that would felt anyone could do. Which if you do these thing your blog should compete better.

  5. Extreme John says:

    I think this series has been an excellent starting ground for anyone looking to learn the basics and grab some tips, nice work Jared.
    Extreme John´s last blog ..Bullshit Review Bloggers Time to Get Honest My ComLuv Profile

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  8. earningstep says:

    nice tips for beginner . i just made a post about how to optimize keyword on your blog.. i think this is related with your post
    earningstep´s last blog ..How to optimize keyword on your blog – increase your blog quality instantly part two My ComLuv Profile

  9. Palapple Blog | SEO Solutions for your Business…

    Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business….

  10. Brad Harmon says:


    Nice series. I miss the good old days where all you had to do was to exchange a lot of links and post yourself in many directories! It was so much simpler before the NOFOLLOW rules were enforced by Google.

    Well, maybe it is better this way. A little harder to skew the results for page ranking. I am challenged this time around by so much competition for my targeted niche keywords. I think it will just take some time to stack up enough content to really compete for them.

    Until then, I am finding success with social media traffic. But as you said, the organic traffic is so much more consistent.

    I am going to hop over to earningstep’s blog he mentioned above and see if that will help with my keywords.

    Keep up the good work!

    Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Should Your Small Business Advertise as Christian Owned? My ComLuv Profile

  11. @Brad Harmon
    Yes it take a little extra work but if you orginize your keyword and store them in files you shouldn’t have to do it all the time. You should be able to keep a couple root keyword word spreadsheets that are realated to what you write about and use a other words from your file.

    It can actually be kinda fun mining for keywords once you get use to it. I know when I find winning keyword I get excited but that is just me. It is important that you learn to drive traffic. You have many options for this but I think what works best is a combination of all of them. Good luck.
    Jared P Little´s last blog ..Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 3 My ComLuv Profile

  12. Thanks for this step by step tips. It is easy to understand and to exercise. I will try it, hope can give me a good traffic.
    Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Install Favicon and make difference My ComLuv Profile

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  15. Hey Jared,

    I am sure that while reading about SEO the keyword research writing met description and all looks very easy and makes a impression that it’s a very simple task. But when you apply it meaningfully you came to realize that it is not that simple as it looked like.

    A proper SEO needs dedicated and focused approach.

  16. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Jared, you know I used to do this way before, but I was too lazy to do keyword research for every blog post, and sometimes I may want to post something slightly rambling, or some latest news on blogosphere. You have a great stats right now, your traffic is considered huge, I’m sure you’ll hit 1000+ unique visitor per day on next month.

    Congrats that your SEO strategies work, I’ll be doing keyword research for every of my blog post again and see how’s it going. 🙂

    Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..Win A Macbook Pro from IDooble Contest My ComLuv Profile

  17. Nice tips on SEO. I am using SEO keyword suggestion tool for selecting my keyword. This tool is really very nice. Google adword is also on nice tool for selecting best keyword.
    chandan@work at home´s last blog ..Ultimate list of dofollow social bookmarking and forum sites My ComLuv Profile

  18. Keyword research is all about volume and relevancy. Use the Google Keyword Tool or alternatives like Keyword Max.
    George@SEO Lair Blog´s last blog ..SEO vs PPC: 10 Reasons SEO Is Better Than PPC My ComLuv Profile

  19. Hi friend my blog PR increase from 1 to 3 with yesterday google PR update. What about your blog PR?
    chandan@work at home´s last blog ..Increase my work at home blog page rank My ComLuv Profile

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  21. Your Blog is very useful for me, Thanks for sharing.

  22. No Xplode says:

    Really great article…really helpfull in learning search engine optimization…thanks 😀

  23. No Xplode says:

    Really great article…really helpfull in learning search engine optimization…thanks 😀

  24. I read the whole blog.For now i am a training as SEO.I know there's a lot of thing I need to learn about SEO,Im so thankful that i found your page this can help me lot to enhance my knowledge.

  25. I read the whole blog.For now i am a training as SEO.I know there's a lot of thing I need to learn about SEO,Im so thankful that i found your page this can help me lot to enhance my knowledge.

  26. I read the whole blog.For now i am a training as SEO.I know there's a lot of thing I need to learn about SEO,Im so thankful that i found your page this can help me lot to enhance my knowledge.

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