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I want to give a little credit to David Risley for this one.  Recently David been doing a few post like this where he asks his readers a question to get their thoughts.  I really like this approach as it really encourages readers commenting.  So I am stealing his idea because I like it and part of what I do is take idea’s from other blog that I like and try them on my blog.  This is an open invite to share your blog advice.

What’s the biggest mistake you made when you started your blog or online business?

Everyone makes mistakes what is important is that we learn from our mistakes and move on.  Often you learn more from making mistakes vs. getting it right the 1st time.  So with that I want to ask everyone to share some blog advice and what their biggest mistake that they remember or care to share.

I hope that everyone can learn a little from each other here as we share.  So to start thing off I and going to take about mine which is not focusing on the fundementals. 

The key fundemental I overlooked was TRAFFIC. 

When I started I went more down the road of making a product and didn’t even thing about how important traffic or difficult getting traffic would be.  I also bought in to the hype that I was going to make all kinds of money right away and from what I read or heard about driving traffic was easy just do some PPC and some adwords campaigns and the traffic would come. 

Well I gave that a try and nothing.  I then realized I forgot all about one of the key fundamental of the internet TRAFFIC.  I immediately changed my focus on finding out how to drive traffic.  I started to play and experiment with youtube and my blog and many other things like social networking.  Prior I didn’t really post much on my blog but crap.  I even forgot to install google analytics huge mistake.  I was using my hosting stats that doesn’t even compare.  I didn’t even know that I wasn’t getting traffic and what little traffic I was getting I didn’t know where it was coming from or why I was getting it.

Since July I have made a lot of progress with my blog.  I have since doubled my traffic every month.  I found out which actions produce positive results for this site.  I have learned techniques that work I can use and repeat them.  I will continue to build a nice steady stream of traffic for years to come.  I will continue to learn as that is just how this business is and the rules change form time to time.

So with that what is your blog advice? 

What’s the biggest mistake you made when you started your blog or online business? 

I like to make blogging fun.  Please share any of your blog mistakes, blog advice or tips blogging.

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11 Responses to “Reader Pulse – Share Your Blog Advice”

  1. […] here: Reader Pulse – Share Your Blog Advice Share and […]

  2. Brad Harmon says:


    At just a week into blogging it seems that I am changing something on my blog three or four times every day as I learn more from blogs like this one.

    I look forward to seeing the responses to this post. I am a big believer in standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before you and learning from their successes and failures.



  3. My biggest mistake is that I am blogging without purpose. It make my content have too spread keyword.
    Dana@Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Install Google XML Sitemaps WordPress Plugin My ComLuv Profile

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kassim Onoapoi. Kassim Onoapoi said: I want to give a little credit to David Risley for this one. Recently David been doing a few post like this whe.. […]

  5. Hey Jared,

    First of all i like the idea of David to introduce this novel concept as it will impart the interaction process.

    Now coming to your answer I cannot suggest any advice as I am a newbie blogger, but I can share my biggest mistake as a blogger is that I completely overlooked the significance of link building for my blog, this thing resulted in making me struggle for 4 months after the publishing of my blog.
    Make Quick Money´s last blog ..5 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader My ComLuv Profile

  6. Jared Little says:

    @Make Quick Money
    I am sure everyone can learn something from just about anyone that is blogging. Don’t discount yourself cause your new. I think it interesting that you mention link building. I here a lot of people down play this. I really don’t do any link exchange or any of that type of link build but below is what I do which I feal covers this topic.

    I do however make sure to syndicate my post, to social networks as as twitter, stumble, blogengage. I do have use a few sites to pull my blog feed via rss so recent post are link on squidoo and few others. I do comment on blogs. Which end up in links back my my site.

    I do have all my social profiles defined and pointing back to my about page. It is important to make sure a lot of outpost pulling people back in. Think of it like this everywhere you can post something that provides a link back to your site as a outpost. It is really amazing over time just how much exposure you can give you site or blog over a couple months of doing this. I think I have about 500-600 links back to themoneycult now after doing this over the last 2 months.

  7. earningstep says:

    when blogger has finished design their blog.. they will look up for traffic and most of them didn’t know how to get it.. based from what i know … ” trying ” is the best and will make all possible come true
    earningstep´s last blog ..How to optimize keyword on your blog – increase your blog quality instantly part two My ComLuv Profile

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