Blog Redesign Part 2 (Blog Content)

Today I am going to talk about the topic of content for The Money Cult.  As part of my re-design and planning process I want to make sure I cover a few things here.  I want to better organize my topics and categories and tags.  I explored this a little bit when I first started but could really come up with a good list so I just start writing and picking and defining them along the way and now I somewhat of a unorganized mess.

It seems that the post that tend to get a lot of attention are interviews and personal ones.  I tend to share some blogging tips also not really sure if that is a good fit for the intent of this blog but I can talk though this and see if I can work it in.  Ideally after I am done with this post I should have a better list of topic’s and categories that I can focus on or make sure I am writing content to fit within that.   I am a big on streamlining processes so I hope to come up with some templates that I can use for posting which should help with creating consistent content faster.

I will first talk about what the purpose of this blog is so lets start with my tag line and some of my statements from my about me page.

A No B.S. Blog about money the tools and people trying to make it..

What’s This Blog About?

The Money Cult’s purpose is to be a bridge between Newbie’s and Guru’s in Internet Marketing.  When I started out I found a lot of crap and lot of good stuff but I really wasn’t sure who to trust.  I post about the good stuff and the good people I come across along my journey.  I also post about my experiences, and progress, case studies and tools I use.  My intent for this site is to provide a ton of value and offer a lot a free stuff so you don’t have to spend any money to learn the fundamentals  of internet marketing.

If you look at my tag line and the paragraph above it seems I should be making sure whatever I am writing fits.  I been pretty on target for the last couple months now that I reread this.  I would like to do more guru reviews and newbie success stories.  I need to make sure I am keeping the balance between my experiences and that stuff.  I think you can really learn a find encouragement from someone that just started and is having some success.  Those stories are the ones I like to tell.  Those stories are the ones I like to read.  If you have one of those stories and would like to share it please contact me and I can help you tell hit here.

What have I been Blogging About?

Now lets take a look thought my archive and see what I publish to date and what type of content I been providing and the response it has received.

If we look at my Categories I have the following Business, Getting Started, Internet Marketing, Personal, Product Reviews, Squidoo free (Needs to go), Tips and Advice.


Now for my Tags I have a larger mess I have a little too much detail here, I used names and details need to make this more generic.


Now I reviewed a few of my favorite blogs and their really doesn’t seem to be any sort of  standard but I will take a look the the ones that from those blogs and the ones here that I think I should keep and come up with my final list for this step of my revamp The Money Cult project.

Blog Posting Frequency

Lastly lets talk about posting frequency.  I know when I don’t post traffic goes down way down.  It seem that 3 times a week is a great goal and keeps a steady flow of traffic coming in.  Once in a while I might have some extra post.  That would mean about 12-16 posts per month.  I have been about to so 10-12 for the last 3 months so should be able to continue that.  Ideally I should or could fine a way to make it easy for others to guess post relevant content this would help cut down of the hours I need to spend on writing.  For some time I also wanted to do some guess post to help get my name out but haven’t made that happen yet.

Open Items

Publish final Categories and Tag list.

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8 Responses to “Blog Redesign Part 2 (Blog Content)”

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  2. Consistent post surely will bring life to our blog. It is good if you can post every day.
    Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Welcome My New Theme: Atahualpa 3.4.4 My ComLuv Profile

  3. Brad Harmon says:


    It is so easy to clutter up our post tags, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to finish the install of my new theme on my site, and I noticed that my post tags were all over the place.

    I had several that were the same except for capitalization differences. After cleaning up those inconsistencies I reduced my post tags by twenty.

    I think new themes give us the opportunity to rethink how well (or poorly) our sites are organized.

    Good luck with your organizing.

    Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Please Excuse the Mess My ComLuv Profile

  4. I think it doesn’t matter that you are posting everyday. But it does matter that what you are posting. If your content have worthy thoughts and ides then obviously follower will come on your blog.

  5. I have a similar problem. I have a blog that I am not posting frequently on. Need to plan better 🙂
    Make Quick Money´s last blog ..Never Give Up Even When Goals Fail? My ComLuv Profile

  6. @Make Quick Money
    First you should consider on topic on which you are preparing for new post. First you should make it manually and after recheck then you should publish it.

  7. Brad Harmon says:

    @Make Quick Money

    I think planning is the key to it. I just have one blog, but I find that my blog posts tend to favor one category for a while then another for a while. In between, there are hardly any posts that occur on the categories that aren’t on my mind at the moment.

    There are so many distractions that if I don’t have a written out plan then I know my posting frequency will be random and my keyword optimization a mess.
    Brad Harmon´s last blog ..Blog Walking: The Shameless Self-Promoter Keller Hawthorne (2/3) My ComLuv Profile

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