Month 8 Internet Marketing Blog Business Recap and Review

Wow, hard to believe it been eight months since I launched The Money Cult.  For those that are new and haven’t seen this before each month I take some time to review the previous month and recap what I learned, accomplished and how I am feeling about my site before the next month begins.

First I would really like to say I am sorry to everyone and myself for slacking the last two months but I am officially out of my funk.  I am not sure exactly what happed but basically I stop putting in the time and effort and my blog almost died.  Enough with that lets move on to review which will be a little on the negative side but you can’t always report the good.  This should help me document my mistakes and finally put this behind me so I can move on.

So here is what happened after working early morning and late nights  everyday for the last 6-9 months I just stopped doing everything.  If you looked at how I was finding time to spend on my business it wasn’t something that was sustainable.  I would get up at 5:15am and work on things till 7:00am got to work and then be back on them at 9:30pm till 12:00pm most of the time. This wasn’t everyday but most of the days I would spend at least 2-3 hours on this stuff.

This is not something that anyone can sustain for a long period of time the only result will be burnout which is exactly what happened to me.  So what am I going to do differently.  I going to limit the time I spend and try to have more a a schedule for working on this blog.  I hope that the results will be that I can accomplish more by being more focused during that time.  I not going to push myself so hard and just realize that with consistent efforts and time good things will happen.  I think part of my problem was I had some unrealistic expectations.

Lessons learned from last month that still hold true.

I don’t have much to say here other then I learned a lot about the effects of burnout and what can happen to your blog if you stop.  Take my advice and learn from me on this.  Make sure you have some content stored for a rainy day.  I lost a lot of traffic and readers which I hope I can recover by taken a unplanned break.

State of Mind

The last two months were difficult for me however I look forward to the future and upcoming year.  I am excited that get back at it and really want to spend the month of December doing the following.  I will finally get around to switching to more professional looking wordpress theme and recapping my 1st year of my attempt to become an internet marketer.  This should be a good serious of post most of what I have talked about to this day is really the last 3-6 months but before I started blogging regularly here I was doing a lot of learning and experimenting.  I think others that are starting out can learn from this so I will share.

Month End totals

Blogging Dashboard May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Twitter Followers 300 2000 2500 2800 3100 3226 3444
Opt – In start low low low low low
Best Day 37 26 53 37 24
Month Total start 283 471 821 631 318
Sales 0 0 46 46 46 46.5 47 *46
Expenses 0 40 19 19 19 21 20.95
  • *accounts for recurring sales (memberships affiliate sites)

    As you can see traffic suffered the last 2 most and I am the one to blame.  I can’t tell you enough the importance of consistency with blogging.

    Goals for next month.

    • Get back at it!
    • Regular posting, commenting and bookmarking.
    • 12 Posts
    • Theme Redesign and Overhaul
    • Start Building list!
    • Become a quicker writer

    Thanks everyone for your support, help and comments

    I wish you all more traffic and a great month!

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    10 Responses to “Month 8 Internet Marketing Blog Business Recap and Review”

    1. Wait for your regular post. 😀
      Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Big No Thanks in Thanks Giving My ComLuv Profile

    2. Greg Ellison says:

      I need to do some of those that you have posted. Greg Ellison
      Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Blog Income Report for November 2009 My ComLuv Profile

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    4. Jim Hardin says:

      Very interesting post Jared. I started my blog July 2009. I was very excited to start and, like you, have a regular day job that I have also. I also have a wife and 3 kids. When I first started out from like July to through October I was staying up late at night typing posts and working on my blog. Answering emails, commenting on other blogs, participating in forums. You know what I mean. I also decided to start another blog to experiment with things. I found myself concentrating on this other blog more than my main blog. I was getting obsessed with watching my traffic and page rank. I was trying to maintain 2 blogs and actually have a real life too. Well come November I just kinda lost motivation. I don’t know what it was, but I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So for a couple of weeks I just kinda sat back a bit watching my traffic dwindle on my main blog. That wasn’t making me happy either. I couldnt figure out why I felt like not working on anything. Then I decided I need to remember why I started doing this why I started this blog. I read some of my original posts and it took me back to how I felt when I just started blogging. I also visited some of my favorite blogs to read. By looking back at some of my older posts and reading some blogs it gave me the focus I needed to get back on track.

      I really enjoy blogging. I have really enjoyed it since I have started it. What I have learned is that I need to not try to take on too much so that I don’t burn myself out. You need to do what you can with the time that you have. Consistancy is key like you said and also focus on content and not so much on watching traffic stats. If you create interesting content and post regularly the readers will come and traffic will build. So lately I have been just working on creating interesting content for people to read and blogging is fun for me again.

      Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Twelve Pains of Blogging My ComLuv Profile

    5. Blogging is not easy. It needs time and dedication. I envy you bloggers that try to keep blogging. I just try to tell myself to try to dedicate just 1 hour a day for my blog. But I cannot do it.
      Personal Massager´s last blog ..Reviews: Benefits of A Personal Massager My ComLuv Profile

    6. Hey, becoming a faster writer is key in blogging ; there’s a speed writing tool called dragon or something, where you actually “write” with your mouth.

      Did you try such?

    7. Smith says:

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    8. papoine says:

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