Start A Web Small Business in 2010

Small PlantIf you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur then starting a web small business might be the right move for you in 2010.  One of the best things about starting an online business  are the cost.  Really the largest cost is your time.  For less then $80 dollars (GoDaddy) you can get a year of hosting and a domain.  Then you will need some time of auto responder e-mail service (aweber) at about $19 a month or ($220 a year).  That’s about it so for $300 you can have everything you need to be up and running.

Now before you go think that spending $300 is going to make your the next dot com millionaire because it will not.  Thousands of people try and fail to launch online business.  What you need to know is the cost are cheap to get in but what makes the difference is you mind set.  You must have the right mindset, you must realize that you need to take action and be focus on running your website like a business.  You will need to be prepared to learn everything and if you can learn something you will need to find a way to get someone else to do it.  You will need the help of others.  You will not succeed if you try to operate in a silo.  Enlist others to help, help others and good things will happen to you.


Good, so if as an entrepreneur the 1st thing you need to do is think about what you website is going to be about.  What your target market, does anyone search for it online (this is key).  Do you know how to pick a SEO rich domain.  If your smart you should learn a little bit about this before you begin.

Web Home Business

Home web business have really taken off, entrepreneurs young and old are find new ways to make money online every day.  The funny part is it not really new ways it just new content with a different twist.  I all comes down to how does your company make money.  Do you have a product? Do you sell other peoples product?  What your offer.  How do you get traffic?  How many different streams of income does your website make?  What am I doing to generate revenue today?

10 Great Thing About Starting a Web Small Businesses

  • Unlimited Potential
  • Low Costs
  • You Make the Calls
  • They Scale
  • You can do it from anywhere
  • Others will help
  • It will change you life
  • You will make new friends
  • Anyone can do it!
  • Just Do it!

Ok I couldn’t think of number 10 but seriously if you ever wanted to start a business starting an online one might be the perfect fit for you.  If you serious and what some advice before you start check out this blog.  Check out some of the Entrepreneurs Blogs on my page and stories.

Sign up for Aweber and GoDaddy from my site and I will help you kick start you SEO for you new business.

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18 Responses to “Start A Web Small Business in 2010”

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  2. Why Launch A Web Small Business 2010 | The Money Cult…

    Start a web small business or a home web business in 2010. As an entrepreneur you will need to under start up cost. Entrepreneurs young and old this is your chance….

  3. Anne says:

    In my experience, this is not for everyone. Not because it's costly or difficult. Not sure why, but some people get the web publishing bug, while most give it a try and then quit and move on.
    My recent post How to Recognize Comment Spam

    • Anne, your exactly right you need to have the right mindset. I think most people greatly under estimate the time and the learning curve involved to build a successful online business. It's not that anything is that difficult to learn it is just a lot of differnet things to learn. I know I did. What I have seen is a lot of people give it a try and burnout about 3 months in to it.

      A lot of people that I have found that have had success are on thier 2-3 launch or relaunch and have been working at it for at least a year. However if you look at the some of the people that stick for 5-10 years you find some million dollar companies that were created from nothing.[polldaddy 2417708 polldaddy]

  4. Sire says:

    The thing that sucks most people in is that, unlike you, most sites tell people how easy it is to make a living off the net. What most people don't realize is that they usually have something to sell, and once they've got your money you'll probably never hear from them again.

    • Yes that sucks, I know thats how I got started I didn't exspect much I just but a cheap program to see how the system worked that was about a year ago. If you give them your phone number you will here from them a lot.

      They will not help you just get a bunch of sales calls you should here some of the conversation these people have with me I like messing with them if I have the time.

  5. Val S says:

    You seem very knowledgeable on this. Thanks for the help.

  6. Good points. I am sure if we go all out soon or later we will reach our goals. Including in this small web business stuff. With learning, hard working, and persistence, nothing is impossible for us. No pain no gain 😉
    My recent post What We Can Learn from Mystery Google

  7. Hi from Wexford, good post, deserves a Digg.

  8. Dexter %9 says:

    I am sure you have been said this earlier, but damn you have a very nice blog! I am jealous and hope I can create something as solid as you. I am sure you have been told that earlier, but seriously lol. Solid job and I will surely be back again. I’m sure you would like some more traffic to your blog because everyone does.

  9. Simone says:

    Hi, You have some good points but what EVERYONE fails to mention is promotion, promotion, promotion. Its not enough to simply throw up a site that will look like 1,000,000 out there thanks to the elementary sitebuilders that are available with these cheap hosting packages. I don’t mean to be a kill-joy here but my site now has over 200 pages, each optimised correctly and after 3 months is still only getting 10 visitors a day. Where do all these excited newbies go to get info on how to drive traffic to these shiney new websites? Whispers of Twitter, Facebook, PPC and the like surface occasionally but very few state the harsh reality that without traffic, you don’t have a business and you may as well have flushed that $300 down the toilet… Maybe some postings on HOW to GET TRAFFIC would be most welcome – some REAL information. The 1st poster mentioned poeple quitting and moving on – this may be because they don’t understand that setting up the site is the easy part.

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  11. Burn RX says:

    Interesting thing you're talking about here. Even though this article is 1 year old, it's still popular. I'm gonna start my new web business in 2011!

  12. The to-do list mentioned in the post makes it a very interesting & resourceful blog in giving a kick start to a new business

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  14. @vincemandw says:

    My belief is there has never been a better time to start a small business either online or off line. Online the obvious draw is the low cost of starting your business and the high possibility of it working yet off line this recession has created numerous opportunities for a new breed of business owner to fill the gap left behind by those who could not make it when times got tough.

    Good post with many good points keeping it real
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