Testing New Word Press Themes

Hello,  everyone I am going to be playing around with some wordpress themes this weekend.  I am finally going to do a full redesign.  Sorry if anything is now working or formated correctly.  Hope to deciede on the best theme and move forward.  Will take some snaps and doc’s along the way.


Currently testing Frugal.  GoodNews and FlexSqueeze 2 think Flex Squeeze will be the winner.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


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6 Responses to “Testing New Word Press Themes”

  1. Brad,

    What a great idea, thanks will do, I don't want to get too hung up on switching themes around but I will spend the next 10 days trying a couple and experimenting. I been taking screen shots along with way and making notes.

    I will also let you know some really don't require too much configuration. But a few I had some trouble with plugin.

    I am leaning strong on the Flex on as it seems to have the the most flexibility. I also wouldn't mind trying some of the elegant themes one that is the best deal for the money going.

  2. Smart choice for you. I just recently changed my theme [without announcing my readers; not sure if it’s bad…] and got quite a few positive emails and comments so far.

    Maybe you could share with us the themes you’re aiming for, and let us suggest our favorite? Just an idea…

  3. Hi Jared. I also just changed my theme. I created a new installation of WordPress just to test the new theme. Once I was ready, I put the theme to my main domain, You can also do it as long as you have a spare SQL database to use. Fantastico will install it just fine.
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  4. IT's often quite a hassle to find the theme you really like and want to keep. But now I've just installed the Headway theme, and am really in love with it I must say…
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  5. Brad Harmon says:


    I really like this new theme, but I love the fact that you are posting regularly again. You had fallen out of my blogwalking routine, and it looks like I have missed quite a few posts. I am looking forward to catching up on them soon.


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  6. Thanks Brad I am glad I am back at it also. Thanks for stopping by I think you will like what you missed. I have some classic stuff one here. Jan been a pretty positive month looking really forward to this year.

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