January Monthly Wrapup

Wow, January is almost over. Been a crazy week and month and the last 24-48 hours I spend in the hospital with one of my little ones but all is well now nothing like a little scare to me you think about what really maters. I was hoping to to a better more detail wrap […]

Blogging Tips – WordPress Backup DB Plug-in

Blog Maintenance An often overlooked Blog maintenance or IT task that is often not addressed it backing up your website.  This is a simple task for any wordpress admin.  In less then 10 minutes you can set this up and start backing up wordpress automatically. How to WordPress Backup Step 1 Go to Install Plugins […]

Real 200k Blogging Balance Sheet

Look I am going to be flat out honest here I am sending you to a sales page.  I was checking out David Risley Sales Page for the Blog Master Club and he has a 7 minute video of him going though various weeks over the last 6 years showing his real income.   David’s been […]

Make Your Blog Stand Out And Look Professional

Looks verse Content If you are attempting to create a successful blog for personal or business reasons, you should know that looks do count. Many bloggers make the mistake of thinking that looks are not as important as content, since readers are essentially reading your blog for the words, not the way it looks. This […]

Kids and Marketing

About 6 months ago when I read my 1st real book on Advertising and Marketing.  It talked about one of the best images you can use for your advertising is children.  I don’t know what do you think.  Are you more likely to buy?  I going to try a little experiment with my kids details […]

My Sunday Smash Up

In honor of Extreme John and just to show why he is one of the best CEO Bloggers on the net check out the post below.  John is know for his Sunday Smash Up’s so here is my take at it.  My Smash up will never compare but not bad for my 1st take a this.  Earlier in […]

Best Blogging Sites my Favorite Blogs

Today I going to talk about my favorite bloggersand I could list a bunch of people here but I going to stick with two that I seem to always come back to.  It seems I am aways finding great new bloggers but over the last year here it the two that I always visit. David Risley […]

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