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Today I going to talk about my favorite bloggersand I could list a bunch of people here but I going to stick with two that I seem to always come back to.  It seems I am aways finding great new bloggers but over the last year here it the two that I always visit.

David Risley and Extreme John

Even though these blogs are very different they have a lot of things that are common.

What they both do very well

  • The blog regularly almost always 5 or more times a week
  • The interact with their readers
  • The are business men they run  their blogs like a business and talk about it
  • The provide a ton of value 
  • Professional looking blogs with nice graphics and pictures
  • The keep it real

David Risley

Now lets talk a little bit more about David.  So I been reading David Blog for about a year now not sure exactly how I came across his blog but I think  it might have been from Yaro’s blog role.  I was attracted to David’s blog because of his story.  David is a 6 figure blogger and he writes about it and the pro blogging life style.  He was posting monthly income reports at one time and I was very jealous and intrigued by his post a free e-book where he tells his story about how he make 12,000k while on vacation. 

I started dreaming about writing a similar post someday and I will.  David has a couple products you can see a banner to the right for his Blog Master Club that is about to open.  One thing I can tell you about David is he is the real deal and he always over delivers.  His blog has exploded over the last year but you can always learn something from this guy.

Extreme John

Now John I am sure I meet via Blog Engage as he was leaving comments here pretty regular at one time and I make it a habit to visit those that comment.  I must say at first I was scared away from John’s Blog cause of all the pictures of hot women.  I found them to be a little distracting and that kind of stuff tends to get me in trouble with my wife.  I think it just happened the 1st day I came to his blog it was a post about a party at the playboy mansion or something.

Then over time I came back a few more times and got to know John and found his post very helpful and entertaining.  John is a very interesting story one I am jealous of but glad he blogs about it as you can really also learn a lot from this guy.  He is a real brick and mortar CEO blogger.  He runs a bunch of real offline business then blogs about them and other various things.  John runs insane Limos and then 5 or 6 tanning and smoothie shops.  You will find a mix of rants and rave and blogging tips on his site.

Do you have a favorite blog that you always visit? 

If so take some time to write a blog post about it and enter the Blog Engage Weekly Word Challenge.  This is my post for the word challenge.  The word challenge is something I been running on the Blog Engage Blog for the last month.  Every week I pick a topic based on votes and to enter you just have to write a post about that topic.  It a great way to meet some new people and build some new relationships.

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  1. Favorite Blogs – Best Blogging Site | The Money Cult…

    This post is about my favorite blogs David Risely and Extreme John are the two sites I always visit. See what they have in common here. 6 figure bloggers and ceo blogger…

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Don Power, Jared Little. Jared Little said: Best Blogging Sites my Favorite Blogs […]

  3. Extreme John says:

    Wow bro I didn't expect this at all, I was hoping along through my reader and this post came up and really blew me away. Thank you for all of the kind words and a big thanks to Don for adding a great comment, trust me when I tell you that I enjoy helping people regardless. I still have to write a post about all of the pictures and how other bloggers love to comment about them, haha.

    • John, well over due really wanted to do more but this is a good start. I been enjoying your blog way too long without giving you props and some link luv. One think I can learn from you for sure it to hand out link luv.

  4. @donpower says:

    Hey Jared!

    I came here from a comment you made on ExtremeJohn's blog. I got to know John after I read another blogger falsely accuse him of plagarism (John and I wrote a number of posts about it – John's – under Cheddar Bob the Blogger and me under How to Ruin Your Reputation in One Easy Step – See commentluv link below).

    Anyway, at that time I was maybe 2 or 3 weeks old, so to speak, as a complete newbie blogger – and John went out of his way to support me and give me some linkluv and introduce me to some of his blogging buddies (@jsinkeywest and @kbloemendaal to name a couple!). He continues to be supportive.

    He's a standup guy, works like a dog, and it looks like he parties like a Roman (I'm only going by his pictures! hahah!). An example of a popular and influential blogger who is never too rarefied to help out another up and comer!

    Way to go John! And way to go Jared – I hope your post introduces ExtremeJohn to some folks who might not have met him otherwise!


    – Don

    • Yes John is extremely supportive, and very generous with the link luv. Really I plan to model a some of the things that he does very well here this year lots of link luv and weekly wrap ups.

  5. Hi I was reading your comment on Don Power's Blog and can see that the comment section on this blog is DO FOLLOW 🙂 As far as those blogs you mentioned never heard of em LOL 🙂 j/k
    Good luck with the blog 🙂
    My recent post Mastering success in Blogging

    • Hey thanks John, your right the plugin's must be working now. I had some issue initially when thought a bunch of plugin's trying to get it to work. Time to get some banners on my blog not to advertise this.

      Thanks for checking it for me.

  6. John is a fantastic guy as is David. I have guest posted on john's site and one waiting to be published soon on Davids.

    Jared why the hell was I not on this list lol

    Top post brother, re-tweeting now
    My recent post Problogger v Gary Vaynerchuk

    • James fun you say that, I was just drafting up a post about you for next week. I just came across your only this week via your guess post on John's blog. What your doing is amazing you seem to be a very motivated person and a great story. Your in my RSS now and you will see me commeting and visiting often.

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  10. Jared, I follow John's blog too, and I'm also very impressed with his graphics. I asked about them the last time I was there and he said that a friend does them, he has no art skills.

    I saw the tail end of a webinar with David the other day but I was not all that impressed. Maybe because I didn't see the whole thing.

    One of my favorite blogs, I mentioned before, is Blazing Minds. I also like CyberSmartWebMarketing, and TheBondGurl. She just started blogging again and she joined Blog Engage yesterday. She's really my inspiration for blogging and it was all her idea to begin with. You might want to check out her blog soon. By the way she's my daughter 😉

    Thanks for the post Jared.

    My recent post WordPress Monochrome Theme for Ms. Ileane Speaks

  11. ZXT says:

    Cool list of your favorite blogs.

    I'm a regular at Extreme John and his post either amuse me or give me tips about anything from blogging and life. Really excellent stuff.
    My recent post Sunday’s Babe of the Week

  12. Great list I hope I make it there one day 🙂 Hope to get to know you.


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