Kids and Marketing

About 6 months ago when I read my 1st real book on Advertising and Marketing.  It talked about one of the best images you can use for your advertising is children.  I don’t know what do you think.  Are you more likely to buy?  I going to try a little experiment with my kids details below.

Top Secret Fun Kids Food Recipes

SDC12688To help teach myself how to build an online product I thought it would be fun to make a product with my kids.  To start with I am  going to be releasing my 1st E-Book with the help of my Kid’s. Fun Kids Foods  will be the topic.  We will share our favorite.

TOP SECRET Fun Kids Food Recipes

The cost of the e-book will be 10 dollars to start and then we see what happens.  The book will consist of my kids favorite Sunday Morning Recipes.  A lot of the times on Sunday morning me and the kids make something fun for Breakfast.  For now this will be my simple Sales page.

I will work on turning this in to my 1st real sales copy.over next weekend.  Better my kids start writing and coming up with ideas.

I will also split all process 1/3 for them, 1/3 for me and 1/3 will be donated to Haiti for the month of  February.  Part of the goal of this is to teach them and myself a little bit now about internet marketing and help raise some money our family.  We heading to Disney in 3 months and a little pocket change would be nice for the kids and Dad.

PS. Anybody that blogs about this e-book post and links back here I will give you a copy free!

DADS – Your kids will love this I enjoy cooking with my kids and I can’t cook trust me everything in this book is low mess, simple to make and very delicious!!!.

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9 Responses to “Kids and Marketing”

  1. Jared, your children are adorable. This sounds like fun project to work with them on. Best wishes!
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  2. Kids and Marketing | The Money Cult…

    About 6 months ago when I read my 1st real book on Advertising and Marketing.  It talked about one of the best images you can use for your advertising is Kids. I going to create my 1st e-book with the help of my kids and see just how powerful Kids and …

  3. Extreme John says:

    I installed two wordpress blogs for my kids and my niece two years ago, they have each written 2 posts… That's it 🙁

    Maybe I will get them to revisit it, it's a great learning tool on many levels for kids to start learning how to market interact and write.
    My recent post 11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

    • Yes I only hope I can teach my daughter how to write. I like to encourage it cause I was so poor at it as a kid still am figure if I can get her interested in it. It can't hurt. She actually still likes helping me with projects I give this one about 2 weeks before she quits so we will have to work hard and wrap it up. Have the book started outlined and just taken more pictures every time we cook so that is good.
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  4. epstein bar says:

    Do you think that the effect of marketing directly to kids is positively influential?
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  5. epstein bar says:

    It's difficult enough to shop with children without having the retailers attempting to jab you one more time before you can get out the door.

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  7. Love it. I'm always looking for fun recipes to do with the kids.

  8. Daniel says:

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