Monday Update the Good the Bad

OK here is deal.  Falling behind on my post here once again but really wanted to say a few things before the day was over.  I was hoping to add a weekly update to my task list but I am behind already so this is a mix of stuff that I wanted to post but haven’t found the time.

A couple of things that are going well.

Weekly Word Challenge! 

(This is my bi-weekly guest post on Blog Engage Blog)

 I must say I really like running this it has been a blast.  I am making all kinds of new blogging friends.  If you haven’t checked it out you might want to.  11 Entries last week. (Gold Star Week)

Guru News’

Some new you should know David Risley is about to launch The Blog Master Club.  If you plan to buy any program this year this is the one.  Some of the reasons I like David is he is the real deal.  He been running a small online business for a long time and a lot of valuable content to offer.  Even if you don’t want to buy a program be sure to down load his free e-book and audio.  This is one of the best pieces of free content available.  I have listened to a many times and have pages of notes.  You can learn something almost every time you listen to it.

Comment Contest Update!

The Money Cult Monthly Comment Contest This could be going better but at least it is launched and started.  Everyone still has the month to comment.  You need to leave 5 comments over the course of the month to win.  I think this will get better as the month goes one.  2 prises, 125×125 ad on side bar.

Brian Tracy Tuesdays

This is a affiliate marketing plan I put together post one article using some great Brian Tracy Articles from his site that are available to affiliates with links to his products.  I will post one article for week for next 4-8 weeks.  So far bunch of clicks but no sales but it is only week one.

Personal SEO Developement 

I seem to be getting a lot better with this.  If I spend the time to do the research and use some basic SEO Best Practices than I can usually get to page one within a couple days.  It is a lot of extra work to do this but not really.   In the long run this will help I need to get better about making sure I have the time to do this but can’t let it slow me down either.

Alexa Rank

One of the things I have as a goal this year is to reduce alex rank to under 100k.  I added a widget at bottom of page to help track it I think this will drastically drop as a result of my page for the 1st quarter.

Dam! I forgot about the Bad oh Well I guess it all good then.

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6 Responses to “Monday Update the Good the Bad”

  1. Monday Update the Good the Bad :The Money Cult…

    Monday update a quick post that talks about what happened the previous week.. Lots going on at The Money Cult this year. Updates to word challenge and some other projects I am working on….

  2. Jared,
    I think it would be really huge to see your Alexa rank improve that much over the course of the year. My rank is about 300,000 but I don't expect it to change much since this is a blog that I'm talking about. My other blogs are too new, so I'm not going to bother looking at them yet.
    I've curious to know how you are making out with the Brian Tracy affiliate program, any luck yet?
    My recent post Blog Engagers That Make My Day!

    • jaredplittle says:

      Lofty goal but I can do it. I have about 6 things this year I am going to really focus on that being one of them. Traffic is key to all of them so I will doing everything possible this year to master traffic on the internet. I am studying everybody watching everyone that I find that has hit that mark to see and understand what they all have in common.

      As for the Brian Tracy Affiliate Program other then some useful content on the blog and a bunch of hits not sales to the links no luck. However I said I would give it 4 weeks and see what happens. I will post a summary sometime next month. I haven't had much luck with any affiliate marketing that I have done other then a bunch of hits. Honestly I think it all relates to traffic eventually someone will buy if it goes to a good converting offer.

      This blog doesn't currently have enough traffic to make any money via affiliate marketing. Let's hope that changes soon.

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