My Sunday Smash Up

In honor of Extreme John and just to show why he is one of the best CEO Bloggers on the net check out the post below.  John is know for his Sunday Smash Up’s so here is my take at it.  My Smash up will never compare but not bad for my 1st take a this. 

Earlier in the week I told you a little bit about just how great I thought this guy was and a couple days later a few comments here and now a link back from the best list I have seen on the internet in some time.  Do yourself a favor and check this out.

25 Best Blogging and Social Media Tips of the Week


Also if you didn’t know it this blog is DO FOLLOW now.  I switched back in December it and didn’t really ever announce,

Once again I thank Extreme John for the Free DO FOLLOW graphics.  Need a set for your blog?

Go here!

Free Do Follow Graphics

Not quite sure what do follow will do for you blog once again I am going to point to Extreme John here he is part of the reason along with many others that that are do follow blogs.  Here is a article by John that will help you under stand this whole Do Follow thing for those that don’t quite get it.

Do Follow vs. No Do Follow

I am going to be putting together my list of Do Follow Blogs for a post this week if you want to be on it please be sure to comment below.

That reminds me my comment contest this month is not going very week but I still have hope.  Check out the details here.  You just need to be the top commenter or enter at least 5 comments this month to have a chance to win. 

Right now the standings are pretty Sad

Bjorn| iCantInternet Bjorn| iCantInternet (5)

Extreme John Extreme John (3)

Karl Foxley Karl Foxley (2)

***Anyone could be in 1st place in less then 10 minutes. 

My bet will be on John or James winning this thing or maybe Brian or Karl I could get interesting as John just posted a couple links to my blog so I should see a nice jump in traffic. Let’s see who takes the most action and wins.

Other Blogging News

Free David Risley Webcast

Monday 8:00PM EST will sell out!

Webinar Information on

 Also Check out the these Freebie’s tied to his Launch


New Blog I discovered this week – Look out for this guy super motivated Family man James Richmond from the UK. James is my kind of guy.  Watch and study him he is like a machine posting twice a day if not more.  50-60 comments per post extreme focus.  lots of great quality content everywhere guest posting like crazy.  Alex Rank under 85k in less then 3 months.  It’s not everyday you find a blog that instantly are attached to.  More to come about this guy. 

You know I have a goal do something very similar this year I will be reading how he did it. Might see if I can increase post count next month need to set a good goal this month was 20 post which is a stretch for me.  Seems to be he pretty much just writes, promotes, writes promotes, writes, promotes.  Kind a makes sense when you think about it.  Going above and the normal is his method.  10 post per week vs. 3-5 that a lot of work but it is working.  No one ever said blogging was easy.

I know I see Extreme John Posting above the curve.  Interesting this might be a great idea.  Looks like next month focus will be writing.  I did get a new netbook so I think I am up for it.  Modeling habits of those that are doing what you want is good advice.

Word Challenge

Brian from Blog Engage and I need your help.  Check this out.

For those that don’t know what this is every week on Blog Engage we have a Word voted on by our members then we all blog about it and comment in the post.  At the end of the week we wrap it all up with links back the all the posts.

Fun Contest lots of great people commenting and tweeting, relationship builder you should get involved Brian and I are very active with this along with others.  Here are some of the entries from last week about Favorite Blogs

Ms. Ileane’s (Guest Post on Blazing Minds)WordPress Plugin Video Tutorial
SEO MKTFavorite Blogs of 2010
The Money CultBest Blogging Sites
I Can’t InternetMy Favorite blogs

Thanks Everyone I hope you have a great blogging week!

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19 Responses to “My Sunday Smash Up”

  1. Karen W. says:

    Extreme John has a brilliant blog and I'm honoured to say he allows me to guest post on his blog, I've found you blog via the trackback to Blazing Minds on Ms. Ileane's guest post, suffice to say I like what I see, RSS subscription added
    My recent post Project 365 Photo A Day: It’s Cappuccino Time!

  2. dana says:

    Can not wait for next blog engage challenge because i miss the last one even i have one article about favorite blog.
    My recent post My English is Poor Enough, Therefore I Blog

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by jaredplittle: My Sunday Smash Up

  4. Hi Jared,
    I'm trying to win your contest!
    I want to thank you for posting the Blog Engage word challenge list here with a link to my guest post on Blazing Minds.
    You are doing a great job with the word challenge so don't get discouraged if things trail off a bit here and there. I will try to keep active in the challenge and I'll encourage others when I can.

    Also, thanks for having a do follow blog. That's very nice of you.

    My recent post WordPress Monochrome Theme for Ms. Ileane Speaks

    • Thank Ileane for the kind works I really enjoy the challenge as I think most that enter do. I really just want more to get involved as I think it is a great was to connect. I think Brian is taking it back over for a bit. I will still enter and promote I might be running some other challenge's on BlogEngage more to come on that.
      My recent post Kids and Marketing

  5. Hesham says:

    Good day Jared , I like the DoFollow images from John and when ever I post something about DoFollow I go and pick up one of those for my post!

    BlogEngage is a great community and proud to be part of it!
    My recent post Who would recommend ShoeMoney System for me

  6. Extreme John says:

    Thats really cool bro I have to thank you yet again for taking the time to write something in regards to me and my blog, thank you. BTW the new smash up is looking good, I like how yours is different then most of the other mashups and smash ups that are out there.
    My recent post Who Does All These Graphics and Designs?

  7. Extreme John says:

    Either way I just wanted to say thank you bro it was really cool of you to mention me even one time, to go ahead and write up a killer smash post and include me in it is really nice. Thank you.
    My recent post Who Does All These Graphics and Designs?

    • Thanks John it was my pleasure, honestly I have learn a lot from your site and wanted to say thank you blogger style. Now when I want to do something new I look to your site for advice and I usually find it that says a lot if you ask me.

  8. My Sunday Smash Up | The Money Cult…

    In honor of Extreme John and just to show why he is one of the best CEO Bloggers on the net check out. John is know for his Sunday Smash here is my take at it. If you enjoy Extreme John Blog then you will enjoy this post….

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  10. Nicole says:

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