Thinking about 10 Years from Now

1st let me say Happy New Year and thank everyone for their support this year.

Closing the door and an incredible decade

I must say as I look back all the way to 2000 it is pretty amazing what can be  accomplished in 10 years or less.  Google was a baby didn’t really exist, twitter, facebook what were they 10 years ago nothing.  The list of multi-million dollar companies is really extremely long.   People and companies that were nobody and because of an idea and some serious planning and action idea’s become money makers and then companies grew around them.

Even with  myself I look at where I was and where I am now.  10 years ago today I was a bartender partying like a rockstar with my soon to be wife and a bunch of friends at  the beach in Florida.  Now today I sit at home in Buffalo, Husband, Dad, Father of 3 wonderful kids working a nice corporate job living he middle class dream.  Looking forward towards the future at the wonderful thins to come.  I have learned a ton about myself.  I know that I can do and accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

So who’s going to become the 1st new  millionaire of this decade?

Will I know I will not be the 1st but I would like to say if everything goes according to my vision when I write my year end post in 2020 I will be talking about this new decade as the one where I made my 1st million.  What are your dreams and goals for the new decade?  If you were to write a post to recap the years 2010-2020 what would you like it to say?  Think about that one for a while you might just be the next google you never know.  That’s whats great about this country and the internet.  You can take idea’s and dreams and turn them real business.

Best of luck to everyone in their ventures this decade.  Looking forward to hearing about them and telling your story here as I find them.


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10 Responses to “Thinking about 10 Years from Now”

  1. Rose says:

    I don't think about the future, because we can't predict what tomorrow will bring. Live for today!

    • Rose,

      True true, live for today is great advice and a wonderful way to live. Your exactly right you can never predict exactly what might happen. You can plan and take the right steps to make the things happen in your live that you want to happen but life is full of twist and turns that what makes it fun.

  2. Thinking about 10 Years from Now :The Money Cult…

    I must say as I look back all the way to 2000 it is pretty amazing what can be accomplished in 10 years or less. Google was a baby didn’t really exist, twitter, facebook what were they 10 years ago nothing. The list of multi-million dollar companies is…

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  4. Good luck with your goals and I hope you hit your target soon.

    My short term goal is to create a sustainable monthly income of $8000 or more. When I hit that goal I will transition into online marketing full time and then set higher goals. May 2010 be the year for me to achieve my short term goal.
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  7. Farukh says:

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  8. kratomhealth1 says:

    When you're my age you don't look to 10 years from now. Put it this way.. I have more years behind me that in front of me,

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