Real Estate Bird Dog

Real Estate Bird Dog
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Real Estate Bird Dog

Rich Jerk Real Estate
Rj Real Estate
Rich Jerk Real Estate

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  1. lisa says:

    ” Financial Advisors ” …….Like in every field , there are A -1 advisors and mediocre or poor advisors . Many lack real knowledge and promote things where they ” earn ” a high commission . Before the market crashes , when it too high and irrational , I pull out of the market and bank the money . I have money in several different banks and over the years the banks ” financial advisors ” recommended that I have too much cash and should ” invest ” in Annuities . The problem is that they take a LARGE chunk of cash right off the top for themselves . I always hold cash until the market crashes and then I jump in and buy when everyone else has sold or is selling , therefore I buy Dirt Cheap . [ the year 2000 and 2008 ] Educate yourself and be cautious . I subscribe to numerous newsletters concerning economics and politics but I take everything with a grain of salt Kopar at Newton Condo Kampong Java Road.

  2. jack says:

    Hello, Financial advisors are a great option, though one should probably accumulate a bit of assets before finding one to make it worth while. At the beginning, focusing on living below your means is still much more effective then trying to increase your investment gains.Realtor in Bucks County

  3. jack says:

    This was good to read, it’s not really kind an important thing to talk about but somehow matters in it’s own ways, so I'm still search for Properties for rent in the Philippines and I found some relevant ideas.Forett Bukit Timah

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