Case Studies YouTube Affilate Marketing

1 Hour Case study YouTube Affilate Marketing

Overview, in less that an hour I need to do the following things which should result in the setup of an automated mini-affilate-system that will run forever that could possible generate me some revenue a couple times a week. 

Record 5 minute video that shows how to setup an opt-in and or split test.

Direct link in comments to opt-in for affilate Program for the Adweb AutoResponder that I Highly Recommend and so do many other’s.

-Task List

  •  Build Opt-in
  • Record YouTube Video
  • Upload (Tube Mogal something new)and add link to comments
  • Post Case Study on Blog and track results
  • Post update one week later

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Others please try this stragity and let me know what you think.  Comment with links to your Test Case.

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  1. Mojacar says:

    I loved reading your blog and I found it very interesting. I m really impressed with your work. I loved your idea about the whole thing. I am happy I went through your blog. It has helped me a lot….

  2. naturiste says:

    More info about this pls!

  3. Mr SEO says:

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