How to Accomplish Goals for Your Blog Business

Every year at the beginning of the year here and see a lot of people talking about goals.  My advice to you is talk is cheap.  Setting your goal or goals is the easy part making it happen it a different story.  One thing to keep in mind if you want to accomplish goals this […]

The Importance of Being a Continuous Learner

I personally enjoy learning new things do you?  Every year I set out to really learn or master one new skill or goal for the last 10 years most of what I done has been in IT field.  I started with getting my Microsoft Certifications and then moved on to Cisco an eventual completed my […]

Blog Redesign Part 3 (Traffic)

Traffic is probably the most important thing for you blog.  If you have no traffic or not working to improve traffic then what’s the point.  The Money Cult had a nice steady growth in traffic over the last couple months.  Last month I had my first drop but I am the blame for that I […]

Life Planning Key to Accomplish Dreams

I know a lot of people think about where they want to get to in life but do you actually try and plan it out.  I go back and forth with my planning.  Usually at least once a year I sit down and make some goals for myself and work towards them.  Planning can be […]

My 1st Phone Interview – A Real Life Success Story

Everyone this it probably my biggest accomplishment to date with this blog.  I can’t tell you exactly when I 1st started listening to business interviews, podcast and audio books but I am a huge fan of audio and listening to people teach and tell their story.  You can really learn so much from listening to […]

John Reese Sucess Stories with Anthony Robbins

As I kid I grew up watching Tony Robbins late at night on TV preaching motivation and self belief.  Probably part of the reason I am how I am today.  Now he has recently began to do some interview with the leaders of internet marketing.  If your looking for a internet marketing how to for […]

What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2

In part one of what’s your blog strategy I covered Posting, Commenting, Affiliate Marketing now I going to get to the other stuff I am spending a lot of my time on right now.  In part 2 of what’s your blog strategy I am going to talk about the following.  Learning and Reading A lot […]

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