How to Invite Others to BlogEngage

BlogEngage Invite only now!  Many of you know I am a huge supporter of Blog Engage.  If you haven’t joined Blog Engage by now a few things have changed.  No longer can you just join BlogEngage.  In order to become a member now  with this site you will need an invite.  The good news is […]

Blogging Tips – WordPress Backup DB Plug-in

Blog Maintenance An often overlooked Blog maintenance or IT task that is often not addressed it backing up your website.  This is a simple task for any wordpress admin.  In less then 10 minutes you can set this up and start backing up wordpress automatically. How to WordPress Backup Step 1 Go to Install Plugins […]

How to Accomplish Goals for Your Blog Business

Every year at the beginning of the year here and see a lot of people talking about goals.  My advice to you is talk is cheap.  Setting your goal or goals is the easy part making it happen it a different story.  One thing to keep in mind if you want to accomplish goals this […]

How Important are Blog Comments?

When I 1st started this blog I remember when I 1st got some blog comments I was very stoked and I still enjoy it and check daily for new comments.  Lately I haven’t been as focused on leaving comments as I was the last couple months and my refer traffic has dropped because of it.  […]

Another Great Blog Contest

I wanted to quickly share with everyone another great contest I came across.  Seem like contests are becoming more and more popular with bloggers.  I think blogging contests are a great idea.  It good to enter and host contests they seem to go over well with readers and can lead to increase traffic and new […]

Reader Pulse – Share Your Blog Advice

I want to give a little credit to David Risley for this one.  Recently David been doing a few post like this where he asks his readers a question to get their thoughts.  I really like this approach as it really encourages readers commenting.  So I am stealing his idea because I like it and […]

Easy Podcasts How to Guide Part 2

In the 1st part of The Easy Podcasts How to Guideyou learn all about getting ready to record.  Now it time to hit record.  Today we have so many options available to us to record.  Just about any mp3 player,  phone or PDA has a voice recorder.  The key is to make sure you get the […]

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