How to Invite Others to BlogEngage

BlogEngage Invite only now!  Many of you know I am a huge supporter of Blog Engage.  If you haven’t joined Blog Engage by now a few things have changed.  No longer can you just join BlogEngage.  In order to become a member now  with this site you will need an invite.  The good news is […]

Month 8 Internet Marketing Blog Business Recap and Review

Wow, hard to believe it been eight months since I launched The Money Cult.  For those that are new and haven’t seen this before each month I take some time to review the previous month and recap what I learned, accomplished and how I am feeling about my site before the next month begins. First […]

Reader Pulse – Share Your Blog Advice

I want to give a little credit to David Risley for this one.  Recently David been doing a few post like this where he asks his readers a question to get their thoughts.  I really like this approach as it really encourages readers commenting.  So I am stealing his idea because I like it and […]

Current GoDaddy Promo Code Plus Free Offer

Here’s the deal I have the GoDaddy Promo Code for this month and it a great one.  Act now through Sept 21th and get 25% off if you spend $75.  So this is your chance to move your blog it own domain or start up a new one.  You can’t beat this one year of […]

What Your Blog Strategy? Part 1

In this post I going to talk a little bit about your overall plan for you blog and making money.  So the question is do you have a blog strategy and if so what is it and what does it include.  Now isn’t that an interesting question.  Here are a couple more you should ask yourself.  […]

Outsourcing your Graphic Design

Let face it we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Why I can put to together some simple lame graphics so things are just better left to a Pro or Guru.  Graphic design might be one of the 1st things you can outsource or out task to help is give your business the right look […]

Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 1

Here’s the deal I am teaching myself as much as I can about seo in the next month way more then 15 minutes, a couple hours a week. Why am I doing this? I feel I need to better understand seo and its hidden powers. I want to make sure I am not hurting my […]

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