Goals Update February 2010

Every month I like to focus set some goals so I figure I better get some out in the public so I can hold myself to them.  1st February is a short month 28 days and were on day 3 already so this is going to be a ruff month to get a ton done […]

My Sunday Smash Up

In honor of Extreme John and just to show why he is one of the best CEO Bloggers on the net check out the post below.  John is know for his Sunday Smash Up’s so here is my take at it.  My Smash up will never compare but not bad for my 1st take a this.  Earlier in […]

Monday Update the Good the Bad

OK here is deal.  Falling behind on my post here once again but really wanted to say a few things before the day was over.  I was hoping to add a weekly update to my task list but I am behind already so this is a mix of stuff that I wanted to post but […]

Last Chance to Vote Best WordPress Design 2009

Everyone I wanted to get this published before it was to late.  For those that didn’t know this month I entered the best wordpress design 2009 contest.  I think I am in last place as far as votes go but if you ask me I am the real winner. I didn’t enter this to win […]

This Weeks Internet Marketing Guru’s News

I wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know about a couple things that distracted me this week on the internet form the Guru’s. First I like to say go listen to the podcast/interview on Yaro’s site with Maria A Andros “The Video Marketing Queen”.  You will learn a thing or two for […]

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