Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 2

A little bit of how to get google Page Rank advice without all the math. Some don’t bother with page rank but as a blogger you should at a bare minimum at least know what is and at a high level how it works.  Also included are a few little tricks that you can do […]

This Weeks Internet Marketing Guru’s News

I wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know about a couple things that distracted me this week on the internet form the Guru’s. First I like to say go listen to the podcast/interview on Yaro’s site with Maria A Andros “The Video Marketing Queen”.  You will learn a thing or two for […]

Top Social Media Sites

Social Media is the rage right now its in the news and here is why.  A bulk of the traffic on the internet is going to Social Media sites. Check out this graph.  Just under half of all internet traffic is going to social media sites and these are only top three. Based on this […]

My Internet Marketing Business Tool Kit

Technorati Tags: Tool Kit,Internet Marketing Here’s the list of the current tools I use.  I am always testing and looking for more tools but these are the ones that made my official list.  Please comment and let me know if you think you got something I must try. Blog – Content Management System CMS WordPress […]

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