Real 200k Blogging Balance Sheet

Look I am going to be flat out honest here I am sending you to a sales page.  I was checking out David Risley Sales Page for the Blog Master Club and he has a 7 minute video of him going though various weeks over the last 6 years showing his real income.   David’s been […]

Kids and Marketing

About 6 months ago when I read my 1st real book on Advertising and Marketing.  It talked about one of the best images you can use for your advertising is children.  I don’t know what do you think.  Are you more likely to buy?  I going to try a little experiment with my kids details […]

My Sunday Smash Up

In honor of Extreme John and just to show why he is one of the best CEO Bloggers on the net check out the post below.  John is know for his Sunday Smash Up’s so here is my take at it.  My Smash up will never compare but not bad for my 1st take a this.  Earlier in […]

Best Blogging Sites my Favorite Blogs

Today I going to talk about my favorite bloggersand I could list a bunch of people here but I going to stick with two that I seem to always come back to.  It seems I am aways finding great new bloggers but over the last year here it the two that I always visit. David Risley […]

David Risley Pre Launch Freebie’s

If  you don’t know this about me David Risley was the 1st Pro Blogger that I started reading regularly.  David has one of if not the best blogging site going right now.  I have always been impressed with David’s content and blogging style. David always over delivers and is still very active with his blogging […]

Helping Others Important Part To Your Success

Is helping others part of your business model if not is needs to be.  Helping others will play a key roll in your business whether you know it our not.   If you don’t believe me listen to Zig Ziglar  this is one of the quotes you will here and see over and over again all […]

Brian Tracy Tuesday – Strategic Thinking

The following post is written by Brain Tracy it is a excerpt from his program Management Success.  This is the 2nd of a serious of post I am republishing from Brian Tracy.  I came across some great articles that I can share as long as I give credit to him so I figured every Tuesday […]

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