David Risley Pre Launch Freebie’s

If  you don’t know this about me David Risley was the 1st Pro Blogger that I started reading regularly.  David has one of if not the best blogging site going right now.  I have always been impressed with David’s content and blogging style. David always over delivers and is still very active with his blogging […]

Start A Web Small Business in 2010

If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur then starting a web small business might be the right move for you in 2010.  One of the best things about starting an online business  are the cost.  Really the largest cost is your time.  For less then $80 dollars (GoDaddy) you can get a year of […]

How Important are Blog Comments?

When I 1st started this blog I remember when I 1st got some blog comments I was very stoked and I still enjoy it and check daily for new comments.  Lately I haven’t been as focused on leaving comments as I was the last couple months and my refer traffic has dropped because of it.  […]

Another Great Blog Contest

I wanted to quickly share with everyone another great contest I came across.  Seem like contests are becoming more and more popular with bloggers.  I think blogging contests are a great idea.  It good to enter and host contests they seem to go over well with readers and can lead to increase traffic and new […]

Current GoDaddy Promo Code Plus Free Offer

Here’s the deal I have the GoDaddy Promo Code for this month and it a great one.  Act now through Sept 21th and get 25% off if you spend $75.  So this is your chance to move your blog it own domain or start up a new one.  You can’t beat this one year of […]

What’s Your Blog Strategy Part 2

In part one of what’s your blog strategy I covered Posting, Commenting, Affiliate Marketing now I going to get to the other stuff I am spending a lot of my time on right now.  In part 2 of what’s your blog strategy I am going to talk about the following.  Learning and Reading A lot […]

What Your Blog Strategy? Part 1

In this post I going to talk a little bit about your overall plan for you blog and making money.  So the question is do you have a blog strategy and if so what is it and what does it include.  Now isn’t that an interesting question.  Here are a couple more you should ask yourself.  […]

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