Outsourcing your Graphic Design

Let face it we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Why I can put to together some simple lame graphics so things are just better left to a Pro or Guru.  Graphic design might be one of the 1st things you can outsource or out task to help is give your business the right look […]

How Much do you like WordPress

I wanted to stop and take a minute to talk about and give WordPress some credit.  I must say I really like WordPress .  I haven’t found one thing I couldn’t do with it yet.  I myself discovered wordpress late last year.  Previous I tried if on a few other CMS (Content Management Systems) on […]

Learn SEO in 15 Minutes Part 1

Here’s the deal I am teaching myself as much as I can about seo in the next month way more then 15 minutes, a couple hours a week. Why am I doing this? I feel I need to better understand seo and its hidden powers. I want to make sure I am not hurting my […]

Windows Live Writer Increases Productivity

Today I have a little treat for those that haven’t given this product a try yet.  Check out this little 4 minute video.  I show you how I wrote this post using windows live writer.  I think this might be one of the best tools next to WordPress really easy to use.  Not perfect but […]

Tips for Making Your First Podcast

At lot of internet marketing guru’s are masters of all the different ways to produce media.  So I have been writing, I have made a couple video’s so I figured I would try and do a couple podcast just to see what it would be like.  One of my favorites Yaro Starak one of the […]

Best Free Way to Learn Internet Marketing

Getting Started in Internet Marketing for Free If your just starting out the best advice I can give you is to not spend a dime on Internet Marketing at least when starting out. Seriously if you don’t have a clue where to start do not start with a guru program.  Most Guru’s offer free training […]

5 Keys to Success for Your Online Business

What are the 5 Keys to Success?   Passion  Determination Planning and Time Management Execution Hard Work Blog about something you love or have some kind of passion about.  If you don’t enjoy talking about it or thinking about don’t do it.  Your blog with be your life for quite some time especially when starting out. […]

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