Goals Update February 2010

Every month I like to focus set some goals so I figure I better get some out in the public so I can hold myself to them.  1st February is a short month 28 days and were on day 3 already so this is going to be a ruff month to get a ton done […]

January Monthly Wrapup

Wow, January is almost over. Been a crazy week and month and the last 24-48 hours I spend in the hospital with one of my little ones but all is well now nothing like a little scare to me you think about what really maters. I was hoping to to a better more detail wrap […]

Monday Update the Good the Bad

OK here is deal.  Falling behind on my post here once again but really wanted to say a few things before the day was over.  I was hoping to add a weekly update to my task list but I am behind already so this is a mix of stuff that I wanted to post but […]

Thinking about 10 Years from Now

1st let me say Happy New Year and thank everyone for their support this year. Closing the door and an incredible decade I must say as I look back all the way to 2000 it is pretty amazing what can be  accomplished in 10 years or less.  Google was a baby didn’t really exist, twitter, […]

Month 8 Internet Marketing Blog Business Recap and Review

Wow, hard to believe it been eight months since I launched The Money Cult.  For those that are new and haven’t seen this before each month I take some time to review the previous month and recap what I learned, accomplished and how I am feeling about my site before the next month begins. First […]

Blog Redesign Part 3 (Traffic)

Traffic is probably the most important thing for you blog.  If you have no traffic or not working to improve traffic then what’s the point.  The Money Cult had a nice steady growth in traffic over the last couple months.  Last month I had my first drop but I am the blame for that I […]

Blog Redesign Part 2 (Blog Content)

Today I am going to talk about the topic of content for The Money Cult.  As part of my re-design and planning process I want to make sure I cover a few things here.  I want to better organize my topics and categories and tags.  I explored this a little bit when I first started […]

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