Blog Redesign Part 1

If you have read my previous post I feel I need spend a little time re-thinking and planning my next steps for The Money Cult and this blog concept.  My thought is to be completely open with this process and share my thoughts with everyone as I put together my action plan thought a serious […]

The Importance of Staying Motivated

I just wanted to say I really blew it this month looking like I am going to take a couple steps backwards but that is ok.  I completely lost my focus and motivation.  I stop publishing regularly, I stopped spending time on just about everything.  I really took some time off from my blog and […]

Month 6 Internet Marketing Blog Business Recap and Review

Wow, hard to believe it been six months since I launched The Money Cult.  For those that are new and haven’t seen this before each month I take some time to review the previous month and recap what I learned, accomplished and how I am feeling about my site before the next month begins. First […]

Last Chance to Vote Best WordPress Design 2009

Everyone I wanted to get this published before it was to late.  For those that didn’t know this month I entered the best wordpress design 2009 contest.  I think I am in last place as far as votes go but if you ask me I am the real winner. I didn’t enter this to win […]

Tips for Making Your First Podcast

At lot of internet marketing guru’s are masters of all the different ways to produce media.  So I have been writing, I have made a couple video’s so I figured I would try and do a couple podcast just to see what it would be like.  One of my favorites Yaro Starak one of the […]

My Internet Marketing Business Tool Kit

Technorati Tags: Tool Kit,Internet Marketing Here’s the list of the current tools I use.  I am always testing and looking for more tools but these are the ones that made my official list.  Please comment and let me know if you think you got something I must try. Blog – Content Management System CMS WordPress […]

June Update Month 3 Starting to Make Progress

Quick post all, I want to capture a little bit about some of the success I had last month before I started in to this month.  It seems thing are starting to click a little bit.  June was a good month July is going to be better. Some of the Highlights I am starting to see […]

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