The Key to Success

 I came accross this why I was looking for something else but it was so good I had to share.  Sorry for the short post but set aside some time to listen to this if you want to succeed in life.  Lot’s of great advice packed in to this 30 minute video. My summary it […]

John Reese Sucess Stories with Anthony Robbins

As I kid I grew up watching Tony Robbins late at night on TV preaching motivation and self belief.  Probably part of the reason I am how I am today.  Now he has recently began to do some interview with the leaders of internet marketing.  If your looking for a internet marketing how to for […]

Windows Live Writer Increases Productivity

Today I have a little treat for those that haven’t given this product a try yet.  Check out this little 4 minute video.  I show you how I wrote this post using windows live writer.  I think this might be one of the best tools next to WordPress really easy to use.  Not perfect but […]

Free Blog Review – John Tanner

1st I want to say thanks to John for taking advantage of my free offer I currently have to do a quick video review of your site.  I will not be doing this forever so if your interested in having an IT Guru look at your site I would advise you sign up at the […]

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Today I wanted to talk about about myself, this site, my online Business and what is going on. For the few that are following, or those that stumble across this site you might notice that I have been doing some changes to the basic format and layout of the site.  I sat down and did a […]

My Father’s day present to everyone – Mark Joyner On The Psychology Of Success

Here is a great video for everyone by one of the best in Building a online Business. Mark Joyner On The Psychology Of Success I also would like to personaly Thank Mark for all the Free stuff he has done and provided online. I have learned a lot from this guy all ready. Mark is […]

Motivation 1 minute Video

Check this out please leave comments I think I going to watch this every day see what happens. I am trying to figure out the purpose of this site.

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